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New Zealand

Callaghan Innovation Celebrates 10 Years of Supporting Entrepreneurs – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

Callahan Innovation, the New Zealand government’s ‘innovation agency’, celebrates its 10th anniversary this month with the release of the Paul Callahan 100 report, a new way to celebrate and recognize the innovative ‘unicorns’ impacting Aotearoa’s economy. announced its intentions.

The agency was launched on 1 February 2013 with the launch of the Callahan Innovation Act, with a mandate to accelerate the commercialization of innovation in New Zealand.

commenting on this important milestone, callahan innovation CEO Stefan Korn said: Estimates suggest that for every dollar of Callaghan Innovation’s funding of research and development (R&D), a customer has spent nearly $8 of his, and in the past five years alone, over 7,800 innovative New Zealand I have worked with companies.

“We celebrate the achievements of the agency and all those who have contributed to its success over the past decade. We are truly grateful to our customers who continue to inspire us with the New Zealand ingenuity we have become known for.”

Callaghan Innovation is named after Sir Paul Callaghan (1947-2012), one of New Zealand’s greatest scientists and 2011 New Zealander of the Year. Sir Paul was a highly respected and inspirational leader and teacher, and an advocate of science and business vital to New Zealand’s economic growth.

“Callaghan Innovation has worked with most of New Zealand’s leading tech and science companies before they became successful. We do, and that’s what makes us so unique.”

“Sir Paul Callahan once said, ‘100 inspired New Zealand entrepreneurs can turn this country around. That’s the challenge for all of us.’ This is a powerful vision. That’s why Callahan His Innovations will be releasing Paul his Callahan 100 report later this year. This report is an ambitious new way to celebrate and recognize innovative ‘unicorns’ – startups that are pushing boundaries and making an impact. It’s affecting our economy,” Cohn said.

The Sir Paul Callahan 100 Report will be released later this year.

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