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As another season of investment news draws to a close, our data analytics team has put together a traditional year-end retrospective highlighting the most read moments of 2022.

From a universe of well over 400 stories contained in 46 odd-numbered episodes, Number Calculator applied AI overlays to reveal interesting thematic patterns.

sales talk

Kiwi Wealth was the gift we kept giving in 2022. original selling tips It led the first issue of the year and almost topped the annual chart. Although he came in second overall, four of the top 20 stories in 2022 were his Kiwi Wealth stories. An inevitable Fisher Fund win 8 months later.

But Kiwi Wealth wasn’t the only deal this year. actual, Fund Hoster Implemented Investment Solutions Surprise Sale (including InvestNow) tied Kiwi Wealth’s rumors for second place in the 2022 rankings with less than 50 clicks. His Bermuda-based Apex Group, the acquirer of IIS, would also have been featured in the 2021 report. Acquisition of MMC on December 23 I was there in normal time.

Not yet determined somewhere on the sales spectrum, Mysterious Macquarie Offroad The recently acquired NZ fund business (formerly AMP Capital NZ)’s investment in Mercer also raised eyebrows, making it a top 10 performer.

Recent NZX Acquisition and Potential of Craigs Fund Business QuayStreet Sale of wealth technology Platform – Stayed just outside 20, but worth mentioning anyway.

marketing mousse

The Financial Market Authority (FMA) has had a busy year, pinning multiple providers for anti-money laundering violations, claiming value for money, and stopping various entities against overzealous marketing claims. I slammed the order.

Somewhat surprisingly, it was the relatively minor FMA marketing takedown that earned the most-read article record in 2022.

Enhanced by schadenfreude, perhaps the reader has tightened the regulation Warning issued for Simplicity for violating the Fund’s advertising rules; Detailed FMA follow-up Simplicity Ad Foul Explained received almost as much attention.

Simplicity also scored another Top 10 story. This social media-based report For tax reasons, changes to its underlying global manager, Vanguard, are looming. Simplicity hasn’t flipped the switch yet, but it’s understood Deutsche Bank-owned asset manager DWS is in the frame to replace Vanguard.

KiwiSaver briefs

Of course, KiwiSaver is always in the news with recent confirmations. Shares joins the game Next year, in 2022, following the highest rating in the sector, Annual Survey of Perennially Popular In-House Investment News.

Elsewhere, Disappointing debut performance Twenty new ranges of default funds have entered the top twenty most read reports list. Last year, default fund shakeouts dominated the entire show.

movement of people

shock death of Investment celebrity Brian Gaynorthis May added a particularly sad note to 2022, but he left an impressive legacy both for Milford Asset Management’s outstanding success and for his personal impact on the industry.

Milford said in a statement:

People News filled a few other top spaces in the 2022 backstory (in descending order):

Other items

maybe the fact that Gareth Morgan sows the seeds for a new family office, Prosper Asset Management belongs to the people section, but here it belongs to the catch-all basket. AI is to blame.

Also, in the middle of the category, FNZ Platform Upgrade Issue Hitting Consilium this August ranked just behind Morgan News in the Top 10 group.

And finally, like Bad Christmas Carols on repeat at supermarkets, this vintage catchy hit of 2020 is back for another repeat spin. Read now:

NZ tax deal sprawl could trigger tax alerts…

Our investment news wraps up for 2022 this week, but will resume in late January, or sooner if tax deals come up during the holiday season.

Thank you to all our readers, advertisers and newsmakers for making this year one to remember…and wishing you all the best for the year to come.

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