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New Zealand

Brothers of missing Marokopa children raise funds for information

(Clockwise from top left) Thomas Phillips, Jayda Phillips, Ember Phillips, Maverick Callam-Phillips.
Photo: Courtesy / NZ Police

The families of three children who have been missing for 10 months are raising money as a reward for providing information that will lead to their return.

Marokopa’s father, Thomas Phillips, and his three children, Jada, 9, Maverick, 7, and Ember, 6, do not have After December 2021.

An arrest warrant was issued after Philip failed to appear in court on charges of wasting police time and resources.

The eldest of the children, Storm Dawson, Givea Little Page To raise funds that can be offered as rewards.

Area Commander Will Laughlin said a bounty was being considered, but police had no intention of issuing a bounty.

“Police continue to utilize the various available resources and investigative tools as part of our ongoing investigation into the whereabouts of Tom Phillips and his children.”

Dawson said the family had worked closely with police throughout the investigation and understood that issuing a reward would be complicated.

“That’s why we have to source our own. It’s hard to ask the public for help like this, but we’ve determined that rewards are the most effective way to find children.”

The rest of the funds will be donated to organizations that helped search for missing people when their father’s truck was found stranded in the waves at Kiritehere Beach last September.

Dawson said this could include Waikato Police, Search and Rescue, Waitomo Land SAR, Hamilton Land SAR, New Zealand Fires and Emergencies, Surf Life Saving New Zealand, ISO Limited and local Kili Chi Hiri Iwi. .

“I would greatly appreciate any amount you are willing to donate. We just want the baby home.”

The page raised just under $2000 on Thursday afternoon.

Rollin said police continue to receive information about the children’s potential whereabouts and that all information is being tracked.

“We are working closely with the families desperate to find them, we know how hard they are going as the days go by and we support them during this difficult time. I am doing everything I can for you.”

If anyone has information regarding the whereabouts of the Marokopa children, please contact the police.

You can also provide information anonymously on 0800 555 111.

https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/476591/sibling-of-missing-marokopa-kids-fundraises-reward-in-appeal-for-information Brothers of missing Marokopa children raise funds for information

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