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Britain’s only new wheelchair-friendly vehicle celebrates a year that disrupted markets

Dacia UK is celebrating 12 months as the Dacia Jogger rocked the UK car market. Just one year after its launch, this versatile seven-seater introduced domestic car buyers to a whole new family of his car concepts, winning eight awards and becoming the only new car in the UK. became. Wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Credit: Sirus Automotive

Completely unique in the family car segment, the Dacia Jogger is rapidly gaining momentum. Today, he produces over 100,000 units at Dacia’s historic factory in Mioveni, Romania.

With over 6,000 units sold in the UK since its launch in March 2022, the former range-leading Extreme SE trim level has resonated with domestic car buyers, accounting for over 62% of sales. , reaffirming that Dacia customers prefer the most generously equipped variant. Terracotta bronze is the most popular, with more than a quarter of his British customers ordering the bold color.

Credit: Sirus Automotive

Blending the versatility of a sport tourer with the comfort and rugged style of an SUV, the Dacia Jogger was an attractive proposition from the outset, and has become even more attractive as the years have gone by. Dacia’s new brand identity, added in June 2022, has enhanced the jogger’s distinctive style, along with contemporary new colors such as Dusty his khaki.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles from Sirus Automotive

Another first and highlighting its unrivaled versatility is that the Jogger is currently the only new product in the UK. Wheelchair accessible vehicleThis platform has enabled Sirus Automotive to develop innovative and unique products. It provides a level of space normally reserved for van base conversions, allowing it to accommodate up to 6 people, including 1 passenger in a wheelchair*.


In addition, all this was done against the backdrop of numerous prestigious industry awards. Since its launch, Jogger has won eight British awards, with juries widely praising it for its unique proposition of space, practicality and value. Its latest award reaffirms its suitability for family adventures, with the jury declaring the Dacia Her Jogger the winner in the ‘Best Large Family Car’ category. UK Car of the Year Awards 2023.

Credit: Sirus Automotive

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director, UK, said: Jogger’s journey is just beginning, and there is definitely a long way to go. “

Now available from Sirus Automotive as a six-passenger wheelchair-friendly vehicle. Available for £4,495 upfront with the Mobility Scheme and individual purchases from £26,995. view the details Book a free home demonstration.visit www.sirusautomotive.co.uk or call 0121 505 7777

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