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New Zealand

Bold Finds for Chris Hipkins’ Favorite Upper Hutt Pie Shops

As a journalist, sometimes I have to seek answers to questions that people want to avoid.when you do Prime Minister Chris Hipkins He declined to reveal his favorite pie shop on Monday.

upon staff’s Monday news podcastthe Prime Minister admitted that he loves delicious pies, and he dropped a few valuable tips when it came to his favorite places.

The shop is located in Upper Hutt.and he is a fan of steak and cheeseThe rest demanded good old detective work.

Over 10 years ago, I graduated with honors on my graduate thesis in research journalism. I don’t eat pie, but it’s not the first time I’ve found a pie that tastes good. My brother, who is based in the US, requested that the best pie be tracked down when he got home. We usually succeed.

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I’m not bragging or anything, but I was born for this job. Like any good investigative journalist, I dived deep from the start and googled “pie + upper hat.”

A call to the Trentham Pie Shop hit a language barrier, and Real Meat Pies said they didn’t think he was attending, but a visit from Hipkins is “exciting.”

“I wish he was here,” they told me.

Know Chris Hipkins’ favorite pie maker? Email us: lifeandstyle@stuff.co.nz

Then came a wave of hope Pickle and Pie Pie CartHonestly, if you have two pies in your name, you must know what you’re doing, right?

In a Facebook message, I mentioned that I was looking for my favorite pie spot in Hipkins. He then asked if Chippy was a known customer.

Where is Chris Hipkin's favorite pie shop?

Lyric Waiwiri-Smith/staff

Where is Chris Hipkin’s favorite pie shop?

And I hit the jackpot. Well, maybe. As they confirmed, Chippy visited a pie cart for pickles and pies.

“Is that our beef brisket and smoked cheddar?”

Like any good journalist looking for answers, I asked for a follow-up.Did they know when he last came? standard steak and cheese?

They confirmed the above was the restaurant’s steak and cheese version, but the last time a staff member served him was before he became prime minister.

Is Hipkins really brisket and smoked cheddar instead of the standard steak and cheese type prime?

Will Chris Hipkins' favorite pie become a more upscale pastry from Pickle and Pie?


Will Chris Hipkins’ favorite pie become a more upscale pastry from Pickle and Pie?

According to reviews, Silverstream bakery makes “very good” or “amazing” pies. But they “don’t think” he’s eating there.

Staff at Bun Factory, Fresh Bun Bakery, Mr. Tran Bakery and Coffee House also denied selling Steak and Cheese Pies to Hipkins. but suggested I go in and buy it myself.

Café Blume does not currently sell steak and cheese pies.

Suddenly a Facebook post from 2017 piqued my interest. Chris Hipkins said he recommended Tricky’s Sandwich Co. In the post, he was eating something like pie.

“I’m not a regular, but I come here from time to time,” said the staff member who answered the phone. Feeling like the case was resolved, I checked to see if he would buy me a steak and cheese pie when he dined there.

Tricky’s Sandwich Co. sells steak and cheese sandwiches, not pies.

I was starting to despair. Will the elusive pie remain a mystery forever? Did the A in my investigative journalism paper mean nothing in the mid-2000s?

But one bakery seemed as elusive online as Hipkins’ pie revelation.

At first glance, Corner Bakery’s Google address was listed as “Upper Hutt Central” with no phone number attached, but the reviews praised the pastry items.

“I don’t usually eat pies, but this place is special,” read one person.

It seemed too accidental to let go. I didn’t get a response to my message on Facebook and a search on White Pages turned up nothing. However, after further research on Google, I found a mobile number and called.

My adrenaline balloon quickly deflated when the staff member said he didn’t remember the prime minister buying so many steaks and cheese pies, but he also had his own theories.

“Maybe he got someone else to buy him a steak and cheese pie,” I was told.

So, when we reached the 12 restaurants in Upper Hutt, we came to a dead end.

Is Hipkins’ favorite pie actually brisket and smoked cheddar instead of regular steak and cheese? Maybe his favorite places are the ones I haven’t been able to reach by hunting.

Or, as Corner Bakery suggested, does Chippy have such sneaky pie habits that he doesn’t even buy himself a pie?

The answer, at least for today, remains exactly what Hipkins wanted.


https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/food-drink/300823060/the-intrepid-search-for-chris-hipkins-favourite-upper-hutt-pie-shop.html Bold Finds for Chris Hipkins’ Favorite Upper Hutt Pie Shops

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