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Body of British volunteer killed in Ukraine recovered from Russian forces

the body of Englishman Volunteers killed in Ukraine were recovered in a prisoner exchange with the Russian army, a senior Ukrainian official said.

Andriy Yermak, Head of Ukraine Office presidentsaid the bodies of 28-year-old Christopher Perry and 48-year-old Andrew Bagshaw were turned over by the Russians on Saturday as part of a prisoner exchange.

Yermak tweeted: We managed to get 116 people back.

“They are defenders of Mariupolpartisans of Kherson, snipers around Bakhmut and other heroes of ours.

“We are leaving the bodies of the deceased foreign volunteers Christopher Matthew Perry and Andrew Tobias Matthew, as well as Evgen Klik, a Ukrainian in the French Foreign Legion who volunteered to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces. I managed to bring back some power.”

The pair went missing last month en route to the town of Soledar in the eastern Donetsk region of the country, where heavy fighting was reported.

Bagshaw’s parents said in a statement last month that they were trying to rescue an elderly woman in an area of ​​heavy military action when their car was hit by a shell.

Parry’s family issued a statement in honor of Parry’s son. Overseas office last month.

A statement from Rob, Kristin and Katy Parry said:

“His dedicated determination to help the old, young and disadvantaged makes us and his larger family extremely proud.

“I never imagined that I would say goodbye to Chris, who has lived such a fulfilling life.

“He was a caring son, a wonderful brother, a confidante to many, and a loving partner to Olga.

“Chris was a confident, good-looking, adventurous young man who was loyal to everyone he knew.

“He lived and worked remotely as a software engineer, cornwall It was always his home. He loves rock climbing, biking, running, skydiving and wanted to travel the world.

“He was drawn to Ukraine in the darkest time of the Russian invasion in March, helping the most needy, saving over 400 lives and many abandoned animals.

“It is impossible to put into words how much he will be missed, but he will be in our hearts forever.

“We are so honored to have him as part of our family.”

Parry was reportedly born in Truro, Cornwall, but later moved to Cheltenham, and has previously spoken of evacuating people from the front lines.

Bagshawe’s family said his son “selflessly took many personal risks and saved many lives.”

Professor Dame Sue and Phil Bagshaw said:

“Ukrainian authorities, as well as government officials in New Zealand and London, are working hard to learn more, but little is known about the circumstances of his death.

“Due to formal legal proceedings in Ukraine, it will take some time before Andrew’s remains are returned to New Zealand.

“Andrew selflessly took many personal risks and saved many lives. We love him and are truly proud of what he has accomplished.

“Andrew, 47, was single, had one brother, two sisters and seven nephews and nieces.

“He used to be a genetics scientist, but since April last year he has been working as a volunteer aid worker in Ukraine.

“We do not intend his death to be in vain. We are one of many parents who mourn the loss of a son or daughter.

“We urge the civilized nations of the world to stop this immoral war and help the Ukrainians to rid their homeland of the invaders.”

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/foreign-office-british-president-cornwall-mariupol-b2275778.html Body of British volunteer killed in Ukraine recovered from Russian forces

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