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‘Bangkok Papers’ Encourages Active Engagement to Address Key Issues

The Synod Documents of the Churches of Asia call on people to address pressing issues in the region.

The Bangkok Papers, released by the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC), focuses on refugees, migrants, indigenous peoples, climate change, family issues, women and youth.

The 40-page document was unveiled by federation leaders in an online ceremony on March 15, following a plenary session in Bangkok last October.

The document will be presented at the Synod on Synods in the Vatican next year.

Bishop Allwyn D’Silva, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay and Assistant Secretary of the FABC 50 General Assembly, hosted an online event on Wednesday. “This document will make a difference for the churches in Asia,” he began, “and the churches in Asia can offer this document to the universal church.”

The conference brought together Church leaders and representatives from some 29 countries to mark the Federation’s Golden Anniversary. The Asian Continental Congress was held from February 24th to 26th after the meeting.

The Federation’s president, Cardinal Charles Bo of Yangon, said the document “responds to the Asian Church’s call to ideals, contemplates the various new realities facing the Asian Church, and seeks new paths for the future.” By envisioning, we travel together.”

the beginning of the journey

Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay (pictured), former president of the federation, added that the document was “not a finished product”. [but] the beginning of [the] It is a journey” and should be approached as a “spiritual document”.

“Bangkok Documents” is divided into five parts based on the biblical story of the Three Wise Men. The document is expected to more fully express and affirm his FABC’s long-standing affirmation of a triple dialogue, especially between religion, culture and the poor of Asia.

The purpose of this document is to clarify the new direction that the Federation feels called upon to undertake in the broader dynamics of the Church’s activity and mission in Asia.

The Asia Bishop’s “Bangkok Papers” will be distributed to all Asian dioceses and parishes and may be further improved, according to FABC officials. The Continental Synod report provides a roadmap for the churches of Asia to address prevalent social problems and contribute to the wider church.



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