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New Zealand

Bail denied in watchman murder case

MAN, charged with the Dunedin lookout murders, has been denied bail.

Lance Colin Robert Moore, 35, appeared in Dunedin High Court yesterday and previously pleaded not guilty.

He is said to have been in control of the car that struck and killed 28-year-old Sean Buice at Unity Park on the night of July 21.

Moore’s attorney Kelly Cook yesterday sought electronically monitored bail on behalf of his client, but after hearing arguments from both him and Crown Prosecutor Robin Bates, Rachel Dunningham The judge refused the application.

The submissions submitted by the parties and the judge’s reasons were automatically suppressed.

Police believed that Mr. Buis went on a lookout with his companions to see someone, but they encountered two vehicles, including a red Ford Falcon, and someone they didn’t expect.

Mr. Buis left the arriving car and walked towards Eglinton Road, where he was allegedly run over by Moore.

Moore is scheduled to appear in High Court in January next year.

https://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/crime/bail-denied-lookout-murder-case Bail denied in watchman murder case

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