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Australia are excited to play some big series in the summer of testing, says skipper Pat Cummins

Perth [Australia], November 29 (ANI): Australian skipper Pat Cummins says his team is very excited about the opportunities they will receive in the coming months to play with some of the best teams in the world in the summer of testing. said he was excited about An opportunity for him to qualify for the final of the ICC World Test Championships, which will be held in England.

Australia will start a two-test series against the West Indies in Perth on Wednesday. In the summer of testing he will play 15 tests with teams such as the West Indies, South Africa, India and England.

Cummins said: “I think it’s a very exciting opportunity for our group to play four of the biggest series we’ll be playing in the next six to seven months as an Australian Test cricketer. This is a once in a career opportunity.” According to ESPNCricinfo.

“It’s all ahead of us and it’s exciting. Obviously, a home summer is always a big thing and playing in the World Test Championship is a big thing. We all come here fresh. I know it’s a big block in cricket and I’m excited.

Australia missed a spot in the previous final as they lost points due to a slow overrate. Cummins confirmed to the media ahead of his first nine-test match for his WTC final in 2023.

“I’m new, so it probably didn’t hit us until there was a match and New Zealand did well (New Zealand won the last WTC by beating India in the final),” Cummins said. did). .

“So the second time around it feels a little bit more. It felt like a big opportunity that we missed the first time. So now we give every series a little more context and something big to play. I will certainly give you,” he said. Added.

Cummins said that while the series against India and England are big battles, the usual 2-on-3 test match series against other teams gets a more global context and something special for Australia to play. I feel that there is.

Cummins and his teammates began talking about the importance of Test cricket over the next eight months as many players are heading towards the end of their careers in longer formats.

The majority of the Australian Test side, who have been the backbone of the team for a decade, are in their 30s, including David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood and Steve Smith, with Lyon, Warner and Khawaja all in their 30s. Latter half. Alex Carey and Marcus Harris are also over 30, and Cummins turns 30 next year.

Warner recently hinted that next year could be his final year in the Test. Even Khawaja, he admitted, the team will sooner or later enter a transition phase. Cummins had hoped it would be later, but confirmed it was on the horizon.

“We have 15 test matches scheduled over the next six or seven months. Hopefully there won’t be a turnover by then, but of course it will come,” Cummins said.

“Honestly, they’re the most consistent team I’ve ever played. I could have picked this team 12 months ago. We feel well positioned.” of their legend aiming to end in the state of His under-5 Test wins at home against the West Indies and South Africa leave them vulnerable and could miss the final again. Considering February and the fact that he will be in India in March, the value of a win at home increases. Australia has won only one of her 14 Tests in India since winning the series in 2004.

Even the West Indies are undefeated in this year’s Test, and South Africa sits second in the WTC table despite losing the series to England. Australia recognizes the opportunity and fans expect them to do everything in their power to get it. (Ani)

http://www.newzealandnews.net/news/273135966/australia-excited-to-play-some-big-series-in-test-summer-says-skipper-pat-cummins Australia are excited to play some big series in the summer of testing, says skipper Pat Cummins

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