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New Zealand

Archbishop Martin receives Pallium in Wellington

Archbishop Martin receives Pallium in Wellington

In a historic development for New Zealand, Archbishop Paul Martin will receive a pallium from Archbishop Novatus Rugambwa, a papal minister in Wellington.

This represents a departure from the tradition of archbishops visiting Rome to receive pallium directly from the pope. Instead, Martin receives it in the mail.

A pallium is a unique garment consisting of a band of white wool approximately two inches wide and adorned with a twelve-inch pendant. Worn over the chazzle.

The Pope awards pallium to archbishops and bishops with metropolitan jurisdiction. It does not elevate the status of the archbishop, but Concrete expression of unity Between Rome and the local church.

Pope Francis believes the revised ceremony will encourage active participation in a key moment in the life and history of the local church, reports America magazine.

Furthermore, Francis sees this new practice as a way to further advance the Synodal journey.

Traditionally, Pallium is celebrated on June 29th, the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul. Before the blessing, the pallium is placed in the tomb of St. Peter under the main altar of the cathedral.

In his Blessing Sermon, Pope Francis called on the archbishops to become like Peter and Paul.

He emphasized Peter’s unwavering response to Jesus’ call to “obey”, while pointing out that Paul’s mission was to “preach and preach” the gospel.

Several of the 32 new archbishops joined Francis on this occasion, and they will continue to receive pallium from the papacy of their home archdiocese.

Archbishop Martin’s pallium has not yet arrived.

He will receive it in a special pallium ceremony at St Teresa’s Cathedral in Karori, Wellington.


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