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New Zealand

“Anytime, anywhere” police on the road this summer – I tēnei raumati kei ngā rori Ngā Pirihimana “ahakoa ki hea, ahakoa āhea”

Police are urging kiwis to take extra precautions when traveling to holiday destinations, following the tragic number of road deaths so far this year.

To encourage proper behavior from drivers, police will maintain a highly visible presence on major highways across the country this summer.

“We expect to see police patrols anytime, anywhere,” says Assistant Commissioner Bruce O’Brien. “We’ve been on quite a few roads, often in places we didn’t expect to be, so take your time and drive according to the conditions.”

It’s been a tough year for everyone due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, says Assistant Commissioner Bruce O’Brien.

“People should plan their Christmas celebrations and holidays instead of organizing tangis and funerals for their loved ones who died in car accidents.

“When someone dies in a road accident, the impact on Whanau, friends and communities is devastating. It’s frustrating.”

The same is killing people on our roads, says O’Brien.

“Speed, alcohol, distractions and unrestrained drivers and passengers remain the leading causes of death and serious injury.”

Please be patient, everyone is trying to get to their loved ones safely. We hope you arrive alive. Police continue to focus on her four main actions:

Restraint: Helenga

Restraints save lives – it’s that simple. However, about a third of deaths involve people not wearing seat belts. A person who chooses not to wear a seat belt is at a much higher risk of injury or death in the event of a collision.

Disorder: Pieroiroi

Socializing is fun, but you shouldn’t mix drinking with driving. If you drive, avoid alcohol. The police will put a lot of effort into drunk driving this summer.

Distraction: Waretanga

Drive distraction-free. Put away your phone or pull it out.

SPEED: Terre

Even if speed isn’t the cause of crashes, speed is the single biggest factor in deciding whether you run away or go crazy. Small changes in speed can make a big difference in the severity of crash injuries – for you and everyone involved.

Police will continue to maintain a visible presence on New Zealand roads this summer and will enforce when necessary. Ultimately, however, drivers are responsible for the safety of their passengers, other road users and themselves during this holiday period.


Published by Police Media Center

Note to media: Current road fatality statistics are maintained by the Department of Transportation. HereIf you would like a local comment on this release, you can contact your district road police spokesperson.

https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/police-%E2%80%9Canywhere-anytime%E2%80%9D-roads-summer-i-t%C4%93nei-raumati-kei-ng%C4%81-rori-ng%C4%81-pirihimana- “Anytime, anywhere” police on the road this summer – I tēnei raumati kei ngā rori Ngā Pirihimana “ahakoa ki hea, ahakoa āhea”

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