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New Zealand

.. An ode to Baron Lacson

reading room

Baron and Babs Bird Billot

weekend in the countryside

It was that Baron Luxon

accepted the weekend offer

of pheasant hunting in the countryside,

From his old ally, Lady Babs of Kriger.

Look, he left Queen’s Landing in high spirits.

For humble and oppressed peasants

Got up and surrounded the high keep

96 wheeler with air conditioning

farm cart with Apple CartPlay surround sound,

Heated seats and fine chrome details.

he waved as he galloped on their pitchfork

on his trusty war horse Titanic.

Thus the sweet smell of victory

It flows into the baron’s nostrils.

he and his followers to the hills

Follow the winding road,

Where the gorse grew wild and free,

and rabbits and possums

Played in eroded meadows.

But the road soon became rocky

and the hills are dark and dusty

And the only sound was the sound of the wind

Blow through eerie rock formations,

And the brooding ringtone of tweet alerts

on your iPhone.

At last the baron has reached the throne of the ancestors

A landlord gentleman of the Kliger family.

At the gate there lay the skulls of twenty cows

swaying rusty signboard

Written on the barbed wire fence was:

“Welcome to Ponderosa Ranch.

Give up all hope whoever enters. ”

the baron remembered his visit

As a new noble,

thought anxiously

“No earth!”

And by the pile of cow skeletons

There stood an old woman, covered by Swandri’s hood.

“Good clone!”

“Where’s the pheasant?

In these boring parts?

The old woman silently pointed away

To the broken bad land.

So the Baron rides,

Still he couldn’t shake his sense of queerness

The old woman said she knew him.

So they stopped at the Rubicon.

A pheasant was sitting on the other side

In long rows of dead tree branches:

But the pheasant saw and crowed

Suspicious like a vulture.

Baron frowned for the weekend

It didn’t go the way he wanted.

He sniffed again for the scent of victory

It was getting stronger and stronger.

“What is this chaotic stench?”

when they crossed he demanded

In the damp and cloudy rapids.

The Baron then looked down:

And Lo, his great white horse Titanic

was flowing sideways in a swift current,

A deep cascade of cow dung necks.

Victor Biro used to wayne brown Bishop Brian, Jacinda Ardern Mike Hosking When Garrick Tremaine.

https://www.newsroom.co.nz/an-ode-for-baron-luxon-1 .. An ode to Baron Lacson

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