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African archbishop rejects Anglican Church over same-sex marriage

An African Anglican archbishop challenges the Church of England’s decision to allow clergy to bless marriages for same-sex couples.

The House of Commons of the Church of England voted on February 9 to allow prayer and liturgy to be offered at civil marriages.

The compromise includes a desire for the church to “bemove and repent” of “the failure to welcome LGBTQI+ people and the harm they have experienced and continue to experience in the church.” was

The church has not changed its doctrine that marriage is a lifelong union between one man and one woman, but the archbishops of Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria have said they bless the union, calling it contrary to biblical teaching. I am refusing to make a decision.

The Church of England joined several other member churches that recognize all civil marriages, including the Anglican Church of America, the Anglican Church of Canada, the Church of Wales, the Anglican Church of Scotland, and the Anglican Church of Brazil.

The archbishops of Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria have posted their responses to the Church of England’s decision on their respective diocese websites.

Archbishop Stephen Samuel Kazimba Mughal of Uganda said, “The Church of England is good at making contradictory statements and expects everyone to believe that both are true at the same time. It was a decision I made.”

Kazimba said that despite claiming that the Church of England has not changed its doctrine on marriage, it does just that.

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit, a primate of the Church of England, said the move was due to “the unfortunate rise of a devious liberal sect in the Church of England”.

he said. Because he’s almost dead even what’s left.

The Church of England at the threshold of the Reformation

Archbishop Henry Chukdum Ndukba of Nigeria said in a statement on Sunday, “The Church of England must rid itself of the ungodly leaders who now endorse sin and mislead the life of faithful Anglicans around the world. We are standing at the doorstep of yet another reform that must be done.”

News from the UK has delighted LGBTQ activists in Africa, including Church of England clerics.

Pastor Christopher Senyonjo, former bishop of the Uganda Church of England and founder of Integrity Uganda, said the Church of England recognizes the blessing of partnerships, not marriages.

“When two people come together in a love relationship, it is expected that they will have children, but as time goes on, we see that it is possible for two people to fall in love without having children,” said Senyonjo. I was. .

“We should not just condemn actions (by the Church of England) without carefully considering what a love relationship is.”

Rev. Michael Zuki Kimmindoo, a former Anglican priest and now president of Other Sheep Africa, a Christian organization that advocates for LGBTQ rights in Christianity and Islam, criticized the behavior of the Church of England as a Western anomaly. criticized attempts to portray African hierarchies.

“Homosexuality is not a Western problem,” Kimindu told RNS.

“It’s the human condition in every culture, geographic region, and religion. It’s only natural for people to understand that no matter how much you bury your head in the sand, you’re not going anywhere.”


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