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New Zealand

A proven spirit of innovation in the ground transportation sector – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

A number of start-ups and entrepreneurial initiatives working to address challenges in the transportation sector have been approved for first round funding. Waka Kotahi Hoe ki angitū- Innovation Fundthe second round of challenges was announced.

A $15 million fund launched in June to accelerate innovative transportation projects received 110 applications in Round 1. Twenty-four have been successful and will receive $4.2 million in government funding.

The fund will run for two years and its aim is to make transport greener and safer. It supports innovators and innovations in various private and non-government sectors.

One successful Round 1 applicant was based in Auckland big street bikersThis innovative team is working on a low-cost subscription model for e-bike ownership. This will allow members to access bikes with a plan similar to their cell phone plan.

Waka Kotahi Hoe ki angitū- Innovation Fund Winners – Big Street Bikers. Big Street Bikers are rolling out an electric mobility network to create a happier and healthier Aotearoa.

Founded in 2018 in Auckland by Cleve Cameron, Andrew Charlesworth and Matt Weavers, Big Street Bikers launched The Rechargery, a solar powered service station for e-bikes. We also offer e-bikes with Ride-to-Own subscriptions and maintenance plans.

In 2020, Big Street Bikers launched a pilot Locky Dock Network in Christchurch. It establishes the world’s leading free public safe bike parking, charging stations and wayfinding stations that display information for safe riding around the city, including new bike trail infrastructure. . The company is currently partnering with Mercury and Waka Kotahi to deploy his Locky Docks in the major city of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Based in Wellington fully used Founded by Bernadette Casey, Peter Thompson and Deborah Crowe, provides land-based solutions for unwanted clothing and textiles.

Their Hoe ki angitū funding will help further research on the potential use of regenerated fibers in different types of asphalt. UsedFULLY promotes the recycling of unwanted clothing and fabrics, preventing them from going to landfills and instead creating a circular system for these high-impact resources.

UsedFULLY’s solution includes activity-based carbon footprinting so organizations can measure and understand the impact they are having and meet their internal, national and global decarbonization goals. increase.

UsedFULLY will use the funds to understand why the application of polycotton fibers to tip seals has produced such promising results and will work to produce a reliable product at scale.

Mafu City ExpressBus service operating between Warkworth and Auckland is addressing the gap between the first and last mile by introducing on-board e-scooter rental and charging options. , to the final destination.

Waka Kotahi Hoe ki angitū- Innovation Fund Successful Candidate – Mahu City Express. Mahu City Express provides a customized luxury rapid transit service for commuters.

From January 2023, passengers will be able to book a scooter on board the bus, store and charge it on the bus, and ride the scooter at both ends of the journey.

Founder Julian Ostling was inspired to launch Mahu City Express after moving to Warkworth from London in 2012. He finds out that there are no buses connecting the area with the city of Auckland.

Ostling said: Ultimately, it aims to remove barriers to adoption and encourage commuters to leave their cars at home. “

Oomiois the only manufacturer of self-driving shuttles in the Southern Hemisphere and has brought self-driving cars onto the road with the help of Hoe ki angitū. This also helps address the gap between first and last mile. Funding will support the development of performance-based requirements for testing and piloting autonomous on-demand transport solutions in New Zealand.

Funding Kiwi Enterprises Neocrete Support research and development to develop new high-performance low-carbon concrete that has the potential to make roads more durable and sustainable. Neocrete harnesses the natural forces of volcanoes combined with the latest technology to reduce concrete’s environmental impact and improve its performance.

Waka Kotahi Hoe ki angitū- Innovation Fund Successful Candidate – Neocrete. Neocrete focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of concrete and improving its performance through technology and innovation.

Design work is underway, followed by testing and large-scale trials. Neocrete’s core technology relies on the special properties of the volcanic ash that covers most of New Zealand.

Founders Zarina Bazoeva and Matt Kennedy-Good are on a mission to make Aotearoa a green concrete innovation hub by pouring carbon-neutral and fully sustainable concrete by 2027.

Innovators are invited to consider three new challenges presented in Round 2 of Hoe ki angitū.

  1. How can road construction be made safer and smarter to protect workers and other users of the road network?
  2. How can we reduce the impact of rapidly expanding urban freight traffic and door-to-door deliveries on the urban environment and people?
  3. How can better use of new technologies and data improve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods using different modes of transportation in the same space?

Hoe ki angitu is open to projects at all stages of development, from initial idea and testing to implementation and growth. Successful applicants will receive 16 weeks of her support to develop or accelerate their innovation. And the support available isn’t just financial, said Waka Kotahi, manager of Future Transport Lee McKenzie.

“We try to tailor our support to the needs of individual projects. For some this may be access to data or transportation expertise within Waka Kotahi, for others For people with disabilities, it may help them navigate ground transportation regulations.

“Hoe ki angitū is all about collaboration and removing unnecessary barriers. We help people unlock the potential of their innovative ideas to bring lasting benefits to transport systems and communities across New Zealand. I would like to.”

https://nzentrepreneur.co.nz/spirit-of-innovation-demonstrated-in-land-transport-sector/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=spirit-of-innovation-demonstrated-in-land-transport-sector A proven spirit of innovation in the ground transportation sector – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

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