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New Zealand

A place to learn, explore and get tired

A playful atmosphere that will tire children out occupies the Upper Hutt Industrial Building, once dedicated to tire manufacturing.

New Zealand native Chipmunks Playland has opened a flagship store inside the former South Pacific Tire factory. The complex also houses several craft beer companies, hence the name Brewtown.

There is a complete redesign of the new Chipmunks site and as it continues to expand across New Zealand and Australia, this will be the gold standard.

At Chipmunks Brewtown, natural light floods in from the jagged roof of a former factory. The space, which is the size of several houses, is divided into playgrounds by age group.

place to learn

It’s not just about having fun. It’s also a place to learn, explore, and practice techniques such as balance and hand-eye coordination.

The new design is all about learning and exploring as kids explore stairs, slides, tunnels, interactive technology and even the castle’s multi-level maze.

Soft edges and fun shapes are used to make the center more child-friendly.

One of the big slides in the complex has proven very popular

This interactive fun floor has LED lighting panels featuring moving ocean creatives. Step on one to instantly generate a spider web or explosion design

Nicknames for rugby mascots

The center is named after the brand’s mascot, Charlie the Chipmunks, a rugby nickname for founder Lance Spence, who opened the first Chipmunks in Christchurch in 1996.

At 1000 square meters (about the size of 10 houses), Chipmunks Brewtown is the largest multi-level playground designed and built by the company.

The Wellington suburbs of Tawa and Lyall Bay have playgrounds for chipmunks, but Hutt Valley, north of the capital, has none.

Lance Spence says the company was drawn to the Brewtown location for several reasons.

“Landlord Malcolm Gillies has demonstrated good qualities as a property owner and the available space is suitable for setting up a new Chipmunks store. The location is ideal for families as it is located in a busy area.

“Additionally, the new model for the Chipmunks store, which our headquarters team has been working on for the past two years, is expected to fill a market gap within the Upper Hutt area.”

Chipmunks brand manager Joshua Fryer says Playland has many new features.

The updated look is playfully modern with new safety zones, upgraded play structures including the brand’s beloved mascot Charlie the Chipmunk, and soft edges to make the play center more child-friendly. Characterized by aesthetics. “

think like a child

Joshua approached the project with a child’s perspective in mind.

My main philosophy when working on this large-scale project was to see it through the eyes of a child.

“This thinking means that we need to consider the wording, the design language and, most importantly, whether the upcoming new center will be able to convey the playful atmosphere that our customers have come to expect. was doing.”

Franchise partner Emma Brennan will lead the Upper Hat team. Lance says she’s especially proud to have the role.

Emma worked at the headquarters for about 15 years before joining the Brewtown franchise.

The company has 16 locations in New Zealand and 15 in Australia. Opportunity came to Brewtown when the company was looking for a new site.

Emma says Brewtown is well known and will help put Chipmunks on the map.

Leading the Upper Hat team is franchise partner Emma Brennan

“Having worked with Chipmunk for many years and now owning the shop made my experience even more special,” says Emma.

“This company is unique and what sets it apart is the opportunity it provides for everyone. Whether you are an employee, customer or franchisee, to be part of this extraordinary community. I can.”

Chipmunks Brewtown opened in January, just in time to welcome holiday program visitors. Mid-week visits from early childhood centers are expected and there are already reservations for school vacation programs.

We already have repeat casual visitors. According to her mother Laura, her 2-year-old daughter Riley loved it and she has been there 3-4 times. Laura said her play options are “wide and varied,” and that her cafe even has healthy food options, she said.

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