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New Zealand

77 new frontline officers graduate today

Today, 77 new police officers celebrated their success with Whanau and friends at the 367 Police Department graduation ceremony.

Today’s ceremony was attended by Secretary Andrew Coster. His Highness Kiri Alan, Acting Minister of Justice and Minister of Police. and 367 Wing Patron Grain Moss.

The unit is made up of selfless, sports-savvy volunteers, and many of the new constables are highly educated and have a wide range of skills and qualifications commensurate with their new careers.

The recipient of the Commissioner’s Leadership Award is Constable Maerega Lilo of Manukau County.

Maerega Lilo is a Samoan born in New Zealand. His work experience has prepared him well for the police. He served as a prison officer in the Department of Corrections and then as a youth officer in the Ministry of Justice. He is also the leader of the Olanga Tamariki Youth Residence.

“I have worked with criminals and young people in both adult prisons and juvenile shelters. because I have it.”

After collating all course ratings, the Prime Minister’s Top of Wing Award goes to Constable Alexander Kerr, who is stationed in the Waikato District. Alexander holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with dual majors in Psychology and Political Science. He credits his work as a milker and carpenter with preparing him for his new career.

“Police has always been my biggest ambition and I am proud to have finally achieved it.

Prime Minister’s Award for Best Student – Constable Alexander Kerr of Waikato District. He is also a Firearms Award winner.
Waitemata District Constable Andrew Best receives the Patrons Award in Wing Second in Wing for the second highest performing student.
Commissioner’s Award for Leadership – Constable Maerega Lilo, County Manukau County.
Physical Training and Defensive Tactics Award – Oakland City District Constable Brendan Asmoor Goodman.
Driver Training and Road Police Service Award – Constable Peter Swartz, Waitemata District.

Deployment: For the week starting Monday, July 10th, the Wings will be spread across the following districts:
Northland – 4, Auckland City – 7, Manukau County – 11, Waitemata – 4, Waikato – 6, Bay of Plenty – 4, East – 12, Central – 8, Wellington – 8, Tasman – 2, Canterbury – 5 , South – 6.

Demographics: 35.1 percent female and 64.9 percent male. New Zealand Europeans make up 70.1% of this group, Maori 13.0%, Pacific 9.1%, Asian 6.5% and Latin American, African and Middle Eastern (LAAM/Other) 1.3%. .

Grain Moss’ career spans over 30 years in the public and private sectors in three countries: the UK, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Gráinne is currently the System Lead for Pay Equity on the Public Service Commission. She was previously Chief Executive of the Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki, building commitments in partnerships to enable the broader sector to transform children’s lives. and to improve the capabilities and capabilities of the sector. Prior to this, Mr Grain was Managing Director and General Manager of Bupa Care Services NZ, New Zealand’s largest Aged Care Provider, where she worked for nine years.

Grain received an MBA (Hons) from IMD Switzerland in 2003, was recognized as one of the top five students, and was awarded the prestigious Gillian Welsh Award for Distinguished Female Alumni. Prior to her MBA, she worked as a forest area operations manager in Carter, Holt, and Harvey, in the Central North Island.

Grain holds a BA (Hons) in Human Anatomy and Biology from the University of Liverpool and spent the early years of his career with the UK National Health Service before moving to New Zealand in the late 90s. Hailing from Ireland, Grain is an accomplished long-distance swimmer. She was the first Irish woman to swim the English and Cook Channels.


Local media will be provided with stories of some new recruits heading to their districts. The police media team will contact you next week with photos and notes.

Also keep an eye out for a Ten One Magazine article with photos on the police website in the coming weeks.


Published by Police Media Center

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