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6 Tips On Hiring Mine Spec Vehicle

Mine spec vehicles are different from typical 4WDs. They’re upgraded to withstand harsh terrains, such as sharp and slippery rocks and loose chips. These vehicles are modified to navigate such extreme off-road conditions without breaking down often or overheating.

If you’re working in a mine and looking for a mine spec vehicle hire Perth or any other part of the world, here are some things to consider:

  • Vehicle Model

4WDs come in various types. Therefore, whether an SUV or a pick-up truck, you’ll have to choose the type that suits your needs. A pick-up truck might be the ideal option if you’re transporting equipment to the site. On the other hand, if you’re carrying several passengers in your vehicle, you can settle on an SUV.

Nevertheless, regardless of the vehicle’s model, it’s advisable to research to determine if you’ve made the right choice. Talk to different mine operators and off-road enthusiasts to get their views, then base your decision on that.

  • Horsepower And Torque

It’s vital to consider the vehicle’s horsepower and torque to avoid overworking its engine. Generally, you’ll need to hire a vehicle with high torque when hauling heavy equipment in mines than the typical untarmacked roads. You rarely worry about an overheating engine when transporting heavy equipment using a vehicle with high torque.

Additionally, you’ll need horsepower when traveling through desert-like terrains where you need to switch to high-speed within seconds.

  • Modification And Accessories

A suitable mine spec vehicle should come with advanced modifications and accessories lacking in typical 4WDs. These accessories and modifications include:

  • Heavy-duty lift kit to enhance the ground clearance and a skid to prevent under-damage
  • Heavy-duty off-road tires to prevent the truck from skidding when moving through loose chippings and wet surfaces

Also, you should ensure that:

  • The vehicle has a heavy-duty bull bar to prevent the obstacles on the mine roads from damaging the lights and engine components
  • The vehicle is installed with LED lighting for easy navigation at night and to make the vehicle visible in dusty conditions
  • The truck has a strong cross-member for extra protection against side impacts
  • The truck has extra storage to organize your essentials and avoid cluttering
  • The truck is equipped with recovery equipment, like recovery tracks, a shovel, a winch, and tire compressors
  • Comfort

Suppose you hire a vehicle with an uncomfortable cabin. In that case, you’re more likely to experience back pain, headaches, and fatigue after driving. To avoid this, hiring a mine spec vehicle with comfort features, such as bucket seats, sunroof, air conditioning, and high-quality suspension, is vital to protect the cabin from shocks. Additionally, checking the passengers’ legroom is essential to ensure they’re comfortable.

6 Tips On Hiring Mine Spec Vehicle
Western Australia – Outback track with 4WD car downhill to the ocean at Dampier Peninsula
  • Fuel Tank Capacity

You wouldn’t want to hire a mine spec vehicle with a small fuel tank. By doing so, you sign up for frequent stops when the tank runs out of fuel. Depending on how far and frequently you drive, hiring a vehicle with high fuel capacity is vital. This way, you can have enough fuel for the journey and avoid frequent refills.

  • Terms Of Hire

There are many mine spec vehicle hiring companies. Each one has its terms of hire. That said, it’s important to compare different terms of hire from different companies to choose one that suits your needs.

First, before signing the hiring contract, ensure the vehicle has comprehensive insurance and determine if it can cover liabilities in case of an accident. You’ll also want to know how much the company charges. Are there hidden charges?  Does the company increase daily charges during weekends and holidays?  What about the period you need to keep the vehicle?  In case there’s an emergency or change of plans that might lead to the extension or termination of the initial contract, are there refunds or extra charges?

Also, as far as the vehicle’s maintenance is concerned, who’s responsible?  While some companies send their mechanics to repair the vehicle on site, some prefer where the vehicles should be repaired. If you’re hiring a mine spec vehicle for a prolonged period, settle for a spec vehicle hiring company that covers maintenance and servicing.


When hiring a mine spec vehicle, it’s vital to be keen on some aspects to avoid disappointments. For instance, you must check if the engine and the fuel capacity fit your requirement. Also, the accessories, such as lights and the AC, among others, should function at their best. Lastly, check whether the vehicle is damaged and note it down to avoid conflicts when returning it.


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