Zurich works with UNICEF to promote mental health

The Z Zurich Foundation-Unisef partnership provides 400,000 adolescents and 150,000 caregivers in seven countries with information, skills and strategies to care for their own and others’ mental health. The purpose is to make a profit in.

The Zurich Foundation also supports a global communication campaign aimed at reaching 30 million people and promoting positive conversations and connections that raise awareness, knowledge and behavior about mental health.

Regarding the partnership, Gary Shaughnessy, Chairman of the Zurich Foundation, said: This is an increasingly important issue. Working together can turn the tide and help many young people realize their potential. Will not you join. “

Zurich argues that promoting the mental health of young people and caregivers is important to reduce the increasing burden of mental illness.

However, despite growing awareness of the negative impacts and financial costs of mental health conditions on people’s lives and communities, insurers continue to have large investment gaps, especially when it comes to mental health promotion and prevention programs. I explained.

As a result, partnerships are willing to take action to promote positive mental well-being of young people, including the expansion of pilot programs through partnerships and global and local support. Trying to build a coalition of leaders. Advocacy about the importance of investing in the promotion and prevention of adolescent mental health.

Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, UNICEF’s Deputy Secretary-General for Partnerships, said: But for too many young people, psychosocial distress disrupts their daily lives, adversely affects their health and hinders their prosperity.

“The COVID-19 pandemic only increases pressure on young people and their families, endangering the mental health of the entire generation. This partnership leaves the world overlooked and underfunded. We are starting an emergency response to a crisis that we cannot afford to do. “

The global campaign supported by the partnership will begin in early October 2021 for World Mental Health Day. Partnership-backed programs will begin in Vietnam, Mexico, Indonesia, Nepal, Colombia, Ecuador and the Maldives.

Zurich works with UNICEF to promote mental health

Source link Zurich works with UNICEF to promote mental health

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