XYZ Reality Announces Global Commercial Release

XYZ reality, NS Transformational Construction technology The company behind Holosite, the world’s first engineering-grade augmented reality platform, has been launched commercially around the world. And we announced the groundbreaking device, Atom. This is the most accurate AR headset for construction.

This is a milestone for disruptive tech companies moving from the Early Access phase to global commercial availability after a successful £ 20m Series A round in June. With 300% growth in 2022, the launch marks a commercial milestone in getting XYZ Reality on track, significantly increasing its global market share and becoming a market-leading ConTech company.

This strategic move responds to the surge in demand for megaproject asset owners and general contractors’ unique solutions, especially from those who are already observing the power of XYZ Reality’s Engineering-Grade AR technology.

Over the past two years during the restricted commercial program, XYZ Reality has worked with selected customers on several complex projects such as data centers, pharmaceutical facilities and airports, worth over £ 1.5 billion. We have been developing technology in Japan. This collaboration with a major company in the construction industry not only refined its own technology, but also proved XYZ Reality’s proposal as a leading technology provider dedicated to construction.

This announcement brings the full and transformative potential of XYZ Reality to the market and has immediate operational consequences for the construction industry. This launch, which solidifies global entry, also sees the establishment of a U.S. headquarters that brings cutting-edge, powerful technology directly to this valuable and positive contractor audience, helping to deliver mission-critical projects. ..

XYZ Reality also announced Atom, a next-generation engineering-grade AR headset. This is the most accurate AR tool for construction. Safety combination- With a certified helmet, augmented reality display, and HoloSite’s built-in computing power, this device places BIM onsite with millimeter accuracy. This engineering-grade tool makes the entire construction process safer, smarter, more efficient, reduces waste, reduces process risk, and brings ultimate benefits to both contractors and asset owners.

David Mitchell, Founder and CEO of XYZ Reality, said of this milestone:

“Technology is transforming the way the construction industry operates, enabling contractors to deliver higher quality and more efficiently. Since its inception, AR’s potential to achieve better results and improve margins. This commercial release is a definitive proof of the value of our products and the substantive desire for products across the industry, especially in mission-critical projects where the highest levels of accuracy are required. . “

“Our entry into North America was led by our current partners who are taking us to the most important areas. The market offers exciting growth opportunities and is now on-site for our company. Supported by “The Atom” designed to show how easy it is to use the technology. As XYZ Reality continues to grow and introduce strong suggestions to new audiences, we show that engineering grade AR is an essential tool for construction professionals to deliver the highest quality and best results. “

Coral Butler, Head of Digital Support Group Tilt PM Group’s Project Delivery (DePLD), an early adopter of XYZ Reality’s HoloSite, commented:

“We’ve been working with XYZ Reality from the beginning, and we’re already impressed that its powerful AR technology has been able to significantly improve efficiency and quality across multiple mission-critical projects. Atom has taken it to the next level. Very importantly, Atom was developed by construction for construction. David and the team presented it through on-site challenges and pressures, and a verification process. We have a keen understanding of the frustrations that occur. This engineering tool is essential to project management and benefits asset owners from planners. “

XYZ Reality Announces Global Commercial Release

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