Who is Saweetie’s date?

RAP superstar Saweetie surprised fans after separating from Migos star Quavo in March 2021.

Since then, fans have been wondering about the status of her relationship and whether the tap-in singer found a new man.


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Who is Saweetie’s date?

On November 25, 2021, rumors began to swirl on the Internet. Saweetie was dating rapper Lil Baby.

Saweetie caused a social media frenzy after a photo leaked online showing her sitting on an unknown man’s lap.

Fans began claiming that the man in question was Lil Baby after he was rumored to have spent $ 100,000 on her while shopping.

However, Lil Baby unveiled dating speculation on Twitter, writing: “Baby isn’t dating anyone !! I’m single!”

Fans began to speculate that Saweetie was dating Lil Baby after this photo, which looks like a mysterious man wearing the same clothes as him, was leaked online.


Fans began to speculate that Saweetie was dating Lil Baby after this photo, which looks like a mysterious man wearing the same clothes as him, was leaked online.Credit: Instagram

What do the fans say?

Twitter exploded in the meme, arousing further speculation that Saweetie and Lil Baby are items.

Fans began sharing photos of the rapper, claiming that Saweetie wore one of Lil Baby’s costumes.

One user writes: “If I’m wrong, please correct … buuuttt … 2 matches # Saweetie # Lil Baby.”

Another said, “Damn, Quavo, Lil Baby dating Saweetie, and were they labelmates? Quality isn’t controlled.”

The third person wrote as follows. “If Lil Baby spends $ 100,000 on Saweetie, he’s not mistaken for a nun.”

This is the second time Saweetie’s love life has exploded on Twitter. Rapper Jack Harlow It started to regain the trend in the summer.

After their encounter on the red carpet at the BET Awards on June 27th began to appear on the internet, they played a round on social media.

During the red carpet event, Harlow pulled up Saweetie, It seemed to the Warner Records artist to shoot his shot..

When Saweetie spoke to a reporter for an interview, Harlow picked her up and introduced herself. “I’m Jack,” Harlow said at this point, and Saweetie replied, “I know.”

From there, they went back and forth and saw Saweetie ask Poppin’s rapper why he was shivering.

After that, Harlow reacted quickly by placing his hand on Saweetie.

Showing unaffected coolness, he replied, “Who is shaking?”

Who has dated Saweetie in the past?

The beauty of rap, Saweetie, was previously linked to rapper Quavo, a member of the Migos group.

However, in March 2021, the couple officially ended their relationship. The two were involved in an elevator physical conflict that occurred in 2020..

Saweetie has visited Twitter and officially announced that he is single.

“I’m single. I endure too many betrayals, hurt behind the scenes, and there’s a false story that detracts from my personality,” she writes.

“Gifts do not bundle scars, and love when intimacy is given to other women is not realistic.

“I checked out emotionally long ago and left with a deep sense of peace and freedom. I was excited about this new promotion chapter,” she followed up with an additional tweet.

After she broke up from Quavo, the Icy Girl singer was reportedly linked to the NBA All-Star James Harden-after Baller sent her $ 100,000 and a date request via Cash App.

In November 2021, her dating life was subsequently in the limelight. Snowfall actor Damson Idris In his Instagram story, Saweetie shared a video of playing the piano.

“Saweetie My Teacher,” Damson wrote.

Following the video, the fans were convinced that the two were dating, but neither confirmed the relationship.

Saweetie at the BET Awards 2021

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Who is Saweetie’s date?

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