What will happen in one internet minute?

What can happen in one internet minute? Discovered by N.Rich and revealing some stunning statistics.

One internet minute: ample opportunity

What can happen in a minute of the internet? Millions of videos, messages, emails, and texts are uploaded and displayed, consuming hundreds of thousands of hours of content in real time.

Where are people spending their time?

This study analyzed Statista data to calculate public involvement in the most popular corners of the Internet.

Facebook gets 44 million views per minute via Facebook Live.Snapchat sends 2 million messages through the app during that period. On Twitter, 575,000 tweets were posted during the same period.

Every minute on the internet 5.7 million searches It will be done on Google. We seem to be hungry for information, and Google is still the number one place to look for information.

keep in touch

iMessage sends 12 million messages per minute with Apple services. In the same time frame, nThe ewbie app Discord is responsible for sending 668,000 messages per minute.

Streaming content and online shopping

167 million videos per minute TikTok users, Recent Survey by Advertising Specialists N. Rich I will clarify.

YouTube streams 694,000 hours per minute. This is equivalent to about a month in real time. Video streaming site Netflix is ​​also popular, with websites watching 452,000 hours per minute.

Amazon responds to its strong reputation, spending $ 283,000 per minute on e-commerce sites. That’s almost $ 7 million spent within 24 hours.

A spokesperson for N.Rich commented on the study, saying: You will not talk to your best friend like your grandmother. Therefore, you need to tailor your message for each platform and find the right customers on TikTok, Facebook and elsewhere. “”

What will happen in one internet minute?

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