What is the appropriate age to test for osteoporosis?

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Friday, February 22, 2019 (HealthDay News)- osteoporosis Especially a threat to many later women menopause.. However, guidance to weak and fragile bones can begin much earlier in life.

when Bone density It will drop, but it has not reached the level yet osteoporosis, It is called Osteopenia.. Osteopenia Affects more than 33 million Americans, men and women over the age of 50, with 10 million osteoporosis..

Still DEXA Painless x-ray-based testing to scan and measure Bone densityNot recommended for women up to 65 years old who may need to build bones Drug To avoid fracture.. For men osteoporosis It does not increase with age until age 80, but there are still no screening guidelines. So what’s the answer?

Cost-benefit is one of the reasons insurance companies do not universally cover scans for women under the age of 65. However, after the age of 45, he has a broken bone, is short, and is sick. Sit down postureOr suddenly unexplained Back pain..

If you are healthy but have concerns about bone health and risk factors osteoporosis, You can talk to your doctor about previous tests.

Factors that can increase you fracture Risks include your height and weight-very lean women are at greater risk.not enough motion, smoking, Drinking alcohol, Family history osteoporosis Or having a parent with a broken hip is another.Taking illnesses and medications associated with increased risk osteoporosis It also increases your risk fracture..

For better bone health, your diet Contains a good source of calcium-rich foods you get enough Vitamin D Through sunlight and supplements, and you regularly support your weight motion.. This includes activities that take place while you are standing. walking, This helps bone development. Limit alcohol to one glass a day, Do not smoke..

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What is the appropriate age to test for osteoporosis?

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