Watch: An extension of the yoga flow to relax tight muscles

The combination of intense training and sedentary days makes us feel our muscles. tight. And by incorporating a specific yoga flow into it, the yoga flow becomes longer. Yoga pose And in combination with your routine, you can relax the tight muscles throughout your body and increase your mobility.

Sweat With SELF Beginner Yoga Series Part 3 is a yoga instructor Rita Murjani— Chief of Staff of Mindful Living Brand Aduri The teachers at the New York-based studios Sky Ting and Equinox show a yoga stream designed to stretch tight muscles, especially along the sides of the body. Throughout this approximately 40-minute video course, Murjani will showcase poses, variations and flows. This helps to stretch the tight diagonals along the sides as well as the tight diagonals. Hamstrings, return, Quadriceps, hip flexors, and gluteal muscles.

This beginner yoga video starts with a variation of the bridge pose. Here, we focus on breathing and focus on the mind and body. Next, let’s get into the flow. Here you will notice many yoga poses, especially cat cows, downward dogs, crescent-shaped rushes, sphinxes, forward bends, and child poses, but build on some of them. There are many variations. (For example, in the case of a cat cow: instead of making this pose very slow, increase the tempo here and then switch to another form that actually stretches the hands, arms, and wrists.) Also, the lion’s breath. You will also learn some new poses, such as swelling cobras, modified side planks, and more. Hit the bridge pose variation again to end the yoga flow. This culminates in an open-minded wheel pose.

Like all Yoga videos for beginners, Murjani guides you through changes with props such as yoga blocks in poses that can be too difficult. That way, you can practice this lengthening yoga stream at your own pace. And with confidence in the pose, I’m ready to come back to the 4th next week.


Watch: An extension of the yoga flow to relax tight muscles

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