Vitamin B12 boasts brain benefits

Simple dietary changes may help prevent a decrease in brain mass in old age

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September 08, 2008-Vitamin B12 may help prevent brain volume loss in the elderly.

That’s according to researchers at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Scientists studied 107 people between the ages of 61 and 87, without memory or thinking problems. The average age of participants was 73, with 54% being female.

Researchers have collected blood samples to check the levels of vitamin B12, a nutrient found in meat, fish, and milk.Participants received an annual brain scan using Magnetic resonance imaging (((MRI), Memory test, and physical examination.

None of the people who participated in the study had vitamin B12 deficiency.

Researchers compared the results and found that people with high vitamin B12 levels were one-sixth more likely to experience brain contractions than people with low blood vitamin levels. ..

Researchers write that it was not possible to investigate whether lowering vitamin B12 could cause cognitive impairment due to its effects on brain size.

“Many factors that affect brain health are considered out of our control, but this study gains more vitamin B12 by eating meat, fish, fortified cereals, or milk. Just adjusting your diet for this suggests that it could be easily adjusted and prevented, because the brain contracts, which probably saves our memory, “said a research author at Oxford University. One Anna Bogiazoglow, says the master’s program.

Because the researchers didn’t see if they were taking vitamin B12 supplement It may work, but it is unclear if it can make a difference in older people who are at risk of brain contraction.

“It’s not yet known if B12 supplements actually make a difference in older people at risk of brain contraction without conducting clinical trials,” says Vogiatzoglou.

Source: C. Neurology, September 9, 2008; Volume 71: pp. 826-832. News release, American Academy of Neurology.

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Vitamin B12 boasts brain benefits

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