Uhive returns to the user base

UK social media startup Uhive is committed to returning control to its user base using the new decentralized moderation platform, the Magna Carta Protocol.

Return control to the user

Can you imagine the world before cryptocurrencies? For everyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the past five years, that would be a pretty difficult question. Cryptocurrency And all its digital blockchain brothers, including NFTs, DApps and digital wallets, have changed the world forever.

As the wind of change blows and the future decentralizes day by day, moderating online content is at stake. Why? According to a Pew Research Center survey, 73% of Americans (probably the world’s moral compass) believe that social media companies are deliberately censoring content for one reason. With statistics that are too hard to ignore, Twitter, at least one of the Big Four, promises to provide a decentralized moderation standard (at the time of writing). twitter Not yet delivered).

However, London-based UK social media startup Uhive has promised to bring control back to its user base and this week launched a decentralized moderation platform called the Magna Carta Protocol. Named after the 1215 Consent of the Governing, this charter paved the way for future nations to shift their balance of power from government to victims. The influence of Magna Carta can also be seen in other documents around the world, such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Modern Magna Carta

The main rules of Magna Carta still resonate in the free society of the real world today. The principle that all individuals are created equally and only their peers have the same right to hear and judge. Inspired by this, Uhive’s Distributed Moderation (DeMo) protocol was built. This is because as the world becomes more and more embraced by the “metaverse,” our digital rights need to be on par with those in the real world.

Inspired by Wikipedia and introducing a unique design for community moderation, Uhive gives everyone the opportunity to become a Uhive moderator and determine the volume level of content displayed on the platform. increase. At the same time, users are given the space and freedom to express themselves. Through DeMo, users can explore their favorite content and meet like-minded individuals who share their beliefs and interests without fear of silence.

It gives everyone the freedom to post content to Uhive, but by being managed by distributed moderation, there are options to engage with other users, ignore them, or avoid them altogether. Dissenting people have a safe space to discuss their different views, and groups pushed to the limit have a say in Uhive rather than being banned.

Uhive returns to the user base

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