TVNZ Opening Ceremony Viewers resented by rants

The Tokyo Olympics officially started on Friday night Strange opening ceremonyBeautiful, and for many New Zealand viewers, the frustrating incident when they took them to social media to come across coverage of broadcaster TVNZ.

From a deserted stand at the 60,000-seat National Stadium in Tokyo, sadly from a stand destined to remain empty for the next two weeks, a few delegations to the athletes’ parade, outside the stadium To the pockets of protesters who camp in Tokyo and shout “Cancel the Olympics”. This Olympics is destined like no other. One of the reasons is that we are all familiar with it.

Therefore, the ceremony was silent for one minute to honor those who died in the last 18 months due to Covid-19.

At that same moment, TVNZ coverage switched from Tokyo to an advertising break, immediately causing a flood of anger on social media.

TVNZ had previously made viewers aware that it wasn’t an uninterrupted event, but said it would switch to advertising breaks only at carefully selected moments.

TVNZ posted on its official Twitter account, “Kiaora! Take an ad break as needed tonight and choose the moment carefully so that the ceremony is not interrupted.”

State broadcasters were contacted for more comment.

The viewer’s reaction to this statement was equally emotional.

Strange and beautiful-and desperately sad

This was successful if the work of the opening ceremony was to reflect the spirit of the moment. It was pretty beautiful as it was. simple. When thousands of drummers held the Games with military precision, it didn’t try to match the power and scale of Beijing 2008. Or, the charm and creativity of London 2012, with its British history inspired by Danny Boyle, has equally confused and entertained people around the world. Especially when His Majesty was pushed out of the helicopter by James Bond.

This ceremony was not a carnival of colors and samba beats like Rio de Janeiro five years ago. It was a reflection of the times we lived in.

The New Zealand Olympic team will participate in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. (Photo / Photoport)

Twelve months behind the controversy, the Olympics, which are still on the verge of a pandemic, certainly began with minimal fanfare by the standards of these mega-events. This must have been the first Olympic opening ceremony with more volunteers than participants. There were only 900 stakeholders and VIPs, and 3500 media members on the stand.

In fact, it’s about the same as the number of athletes. Most of them are afraid to catch Covid-19 or have been identified as “close contact” with those who have caught it-fate has already trapped six Team GB athletes indefinitely in a quarter. Leaved-many weren’t ready to take the risk of leaving a relatively safe place in the Olympic Village.

It’s a desperately sad situation for a country that hosted such a spectacular Rugby World Cup 20 months ago, and no more welcome or excitement about the possibility of hosting the biggest show on the planet. Those who couldn’t.

There was a moment of hope, a moment of validity. The Argentine delegation is bouncing around with excitement, reminding us that this is the greatest moment of life for these athletes as athletes and that they have the right to grab it with both hands. Tonga’s taekwondo practitioner and skier Pita Taufatofu marched shirtless five years ago and returned with more baby oil than ever before. British Moe Sbihi, a 6ft8in rower, rises above his fellow flag bearer, the 5ft2in sailor Hannah Mills. People like the blue smurf drawing pictograms of various Olympic sports were fun. And I was inspired by the “drone glove” (1824 drone that flies all over the earth-shaped stadium).

Finally, the torch was lit at the National Stadium in Tokyo. (Photo / AP)

But in most cases it was pretty sad. Japanese police have built boundaries around the stadium to keep spectators away. Thousands of people appeared anyway, waiting patiently outside without seeing anything.

They were dotted with protester pockets. Not so much, but enough to hear every time the progress in the stadium is silenced. For example, a moment of memory for a loved one who is gone with us.

I realized that those who want to hold these games cannot participate, and those who want to participate cannot stop participating. I can’t stop this now.

From Simone Biles to Adam Peaty to Naomi Osaka, I hope the best athletes in the world won’t run away for the next two weeks. This is the face of the tournament that finally lit the cauldron near midnight local time. It provides a moment of genius, wonder and joy and makes us forget. Imagine that there is no covid. I wonder if it can be done. Let’s start the game.

TVNZ Opening Ceremony Viewers resented by rants

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