Tom Daley announces line of knitting kits on

When the pandemic triggered a nationwide revival of knitting and crochet, LoveCrafts, Britain’s leading crafts market, has 8.7 million British people using crafts as their greatest aid to mental health. I found that. Crafting has become the number one tool for helping happiness. In 2020, Olympic Gold medalist, supercrafter and national hero Tom Daley learned knitting and the therapeutic that only 10 minutes of daily knitting and crochet brought to his mental health. Revealed the calm benefits.

Now, the country’s long-awaited collection of celebrities is finally here. Made with Love by Tom Daley – A line of his own knitting kits available exclusively on Tom hopes that these kits will help people’s mental health and give the country the opportunity to relax and relieve stress and anxiety.

The design includes a sweater vest, a foam hug cardi, a colorful flamingo, a hat and a scarf. All of these can be purchased at

Each kit contains everything you need to make a knit, and every detail has been carefully considered. The design, as Tom says, uses 100% merino wool supplied by happy sheep.Very soft and fluffy, like a warm hug.

Everything in the box can be reused or recycled. The instructions inside the box are also printed on the 10×10 cm card and can be used to measure the square of tension. Designed for beginners, the kit also helps beginners learn new skills and has videos along the way to explain new techniques.

Tom Daley, a gold medalist and friend of Love Crafts, commented on the Made with Love line.:

“”I think we have made a craft to thank you for participating in the Olympics. During Covid, I couldn’t do anything at the Olympics, I couldn’t go out or interact with others, so I had to find something else to distract. did not. To be honest, that was the place for my Olympics. The knitting project has started.

“My baby, if you like, Tom Daley’s Made with Love started on my Instagram. I started by learning knitting with kits. Design your own knitting and love knitting for others. The fact that I was able to share with is very exciting. They range from very beginners to easy scales because I didn’t want anything difficult. Christmas jumpers, cardigans, vests, flamingos, stockings, hats. , Scarves, blankets, etc. There are various designs. ”

“”Next is the Minister of Knitting. Bring knitting and crafts to school as part of the curriculum. I think it’s great for kids to learn to relax. I think people really want it.“”

Tom Daley announces line of knitting kits on

Source link Tom Daley announces line of knitting kits on

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