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Tips for Staying Active in Online School

Staying active throughout the day is essential if you want to stay ahead of your studies. No doubt, being active is much easier when attending physical lessons, where daily walks, races, and even gym periods are the norm. However, due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many of these activities have been eliminated from our routines as online learning has taken over. If you’re an online student looking for great ways to stay active during your virtual lessons, we’ve got great answers for you in this article.

Keep expectations in check.



For many people, attending online classes is a new concept. Distance learning can be tough, especially when you spend all day doing your coursework on a laptop. For this reason, it always helps to know your online learning schedule beforehand.

If you’re pursuing a bachelors of law online, for example, you should pick the right law degree before anything else. Then, try to find out the schedule for all the courses you’ll be taking, be it legal reasoning, logical reasoning, research law, negotiation theory, or any other course needed for the paralegal profession.

You also need to know how long the program will run: Will it be a series of four-week courses, or does it run from semester to semester? Knowing this helps reduce your potential anxiety about studying online, making it easier to be truly present during school hours.

Make time to go outside.

With lessons and coursework handled on the computer, you might have little to no reason to go outside, which can be harmful to your health. As an online learner, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to engage in daily exercise or go outside your home at least once a day. Going outside means being active, and this ultimately gives your immune system a boost, helps prevent weight gain, reduces anxiety and stress, and ultimately improves your sleep patterns. There are many activity options, from running, walking, hiking, and biking to dancing.


If you’re not a fan of the outside, you can still be active in the house. Take a break from your courses at your recess and engage in a virtual exercise class. If staying active during your courses is preferred, you might want to invest in one of the numerous treadmill desks that have gained popularity since the pandemic.

The standing desk is a necessity no one knew they needed. It’s an amazing invention that merges your current standing desk with a treadmill for ultimate productivity. Depending on the model you opt for, you can adjust the height of the desk and the base of the treadmill. This desk is a great way to save your back and spine from the severe effects of consistent sitting. Staying physically active is a great health benefit, as it allows for energy expenditure. This eliminates a sedentary lifestyle and aids in weight loss, ultimately affecting your lifespan.

Take regular breaks.


Besides engaging in daily activity or exercise, you need to take some breaks between online classes, as they are important for your mental and physical health. If you’re engaging in an online school, scrolling through your social media isn’t exactly an ideal way to enjoy your break. Try moving around your home. Get some water, engage in a few stretching exercises, and do something fun that has nothing to do with a computer screen. If you want to feel the breeze outside, be sure to stick to all COVID protocols within your jurisdiction when you step out.

Taking breaks is a great way to think outside of school confines. It reduces your sedentary time and allows you to focus on other things apart from earning your bachelor’s degree, the stress of law school, how to gain an internship, and everything else an online course might get you to mull over.

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