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Things to do in Joplin MO

You will travel through Joplin, a small town in southwest Missouri if you go on a road trip on Route 66. Started as a mining town in the late 19th century, Joplin has numerous historical landmarks, incredible natural attractions spearheaded with Grand Falls, and choose from other fun things to visit and do. Joplin has a vibrant restaurant scene and great museums that attract decent crowds in the summer season.

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You will be ready for Midwest adventures when you get the travel authorization, and Missouri has plenty to offer. Joplin is a great destination by itself, and it can also serve as a hub for nearby Ozarks.

Fun things to do in Joplin

The most prominent natural landmark in the area is the Grand Falls. Shoal Creek has the largest continuously flowing waterfall that stretches 163 feet and falls in a calmer pond-like place. Pools and water below the falls is suitable for swimming in warmer months.

If you want to learn something about notable historical personalities, visit George Washington Carver National Monument. A park was established in 1943 close to the farm where globally famous scientists, chemists and botanists grewup. The location is the first national monument dedicated to an African American and non- president. You can see his house, inspirational quotes from the Carver and statues of the famous resident of Newton County.

People who enjoy sweets can visit Candy House Gourment, a candy factory downtown where you can shop for truffles, chocolates, gourmet popcorn, and a slew of other popular sweets.

Joplin Museum Complex will take you back into city origins. The Everett J. Ritchie Tri-State Mineral Museum in Schifferdecker Park has a replica of the mine shaft. The other Historical Museum exhibits Route 66, Bonnie and Clyde section and memorabilia, and other displays created out of scrap metal, including a giant dinosaur.

Besides the Historical Museum, you can learn about famous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde in their Garage Apartment Hideout. You can learn about their Missouri robberies in the 1930s on that location.

There are numerous attractions connected to Route 66, and Mural Park is a public space opened as a hub for tourists travelling the Mother Road. The park features two large tile murals and a popular car from the 60s, a red mock Corvette.

If you want to experience Joplin as it once was, go to the Historic Murphysburg District with large houses of founders in different architectural styles. Around the city, you can find several winemakers, and the most notable is Christine’s Vinyard and Keltoi Winery.

Sandstone gardens Joplin MO

Shopping lovers can take a short drive to Sandstone Gardens. Incredible exterior landscape design, a massive offering of home and garden accessories and products, and 50,000 square feet of showroom attract huge crowds from the region. Also, enjoy great food at a house restaurant.

Joplin MO parks

Cunningham Park is a famous memorial park built-in memory of the victims of the 2011 tornado. You can find picnic spots, a swimming pool, walking trails and a children playground.

Frisco Greenway Trail is the perfect place for hiking and biking, with 3.5 miles of gravel and asphalt roads and walkways available for outdoor adventure in this well-maintained public place.

McClelland Park is a public area with picnic spots, walking trails and a huge children playground. Other popular city parks include Ewert Park, Par Hill. And Leonard Park.

Joplin family fun

If you like huge trucks, Joplin 44 Truckstop is the perfect stop to enjoy the road monsters. In the Super Truck Showroom, you can see the Mother Road and the Limelight trucks. In addition, the place has more than 40 restaurants and shops.

When you get tired of various landmarks and attractions, you can visit Northpark Mall, a giant regional mall with more than 60 stores, and a diverse food court with American, Mexican, Japanese and other restaurants.

You can learn about numerous minerals in Joplin History & Mineral Museum. Find out about various rocks, minerals and other excavation objects from the mining history, and once again go through the Bonnie and Clyde outlaw adventures.

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Bottom line

Mining museums, George Washington Carver National Landmark, Grand Falls are just a piece of the numerous attractions in southwest Missouri. Joplin has an exciting history, diverse natural beauty, and it is close to three other states Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

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