The Ranger’s shaky start has been resolved

Early release for some V6 Rangers under control, says Ford

GOOD vibrations from the latest Ford Ranger can rarely be marred by an annoying one, but Ford New Zealand knows about it and quickly settles it.

The first deliveries of the new generation model were marred by complaints about tail shaft vibrations.

The error has been acknowledged by Simon Rutherford, Ford New Zealand president.

He did not say whether products that arrived in this market were affected, but said there is a rectification. Rebalancing the tail shaft fixes the problem.

“It’s a simple process that requires a short period of attention.”

The problem started in Australia, with posts in owner groups on social media. A number of early adopters reported excessive tail shaft vibration.

According to one report, the problem can occur with the four-cylinder biturbo diesel and V6 turbo diesel variants, but Ford has indicated that the problem only occurs with a range of V6 derivatives.

The issue will not trigger a security recall.

Ford dealers have been advised to perform test drives prior to delivery as part of the quality control process.

When speaking about the issue, Ford Australia said it had “known” of a small number of vehicles exhibiting some harshness or vibration at certain times while driving.

“As part of the normal pre-delivery process, our dealers conduct tests on customer vehicles and work with our technical team to resolve any issues prior to delivery to customers.”

Other faults noted by owners on social media include the Ford Ranger Wildtrak’s defective roller shutter and some instances where the 360-degree camera is not working properly.



The Ranger’s shaky start has been resolved

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