The Best Upcoming Crypto Exchanges of 2022

Cryptocurrency exchanges are popping up like weeds these days, but there’s only a few that we think should be on your radar. For long-term investors in crypto currency – especially those who invest safely and securely–this can seem like a daunting task. Volatile prices mean risky business; after all isn’t investing supposed to make you rich? Well it can be a bust if there’s no time and research put into it. So, where to put your money for investments?The article below will cover a few great upcoming options to consider. 

Upcoming Crypto Exchanges


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. It offers over 50 different coins, as well as private key access for its customers’ wallets so they can securely store their cryptocurrencies without any risk of theft or loss on the platform itself. This was one crucial feature that made it stand out from other exchanges at the time of it’s launch.

Why It’s Liked

Coinbase is the most popular way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in America, with over 10 million users. A lot of people like how easy it makes trading coins – even if you’re a beginner! But there’s also an option for those who want more advanced features. Coinbase Pro offers traders access to all sorts of tools, such as customizable charts so they can learn about market trends without having any technical knowledge whatsoever. There are also real time updates from exchanges where bitcoin/ether etc., are traded.


Coinbase is a great option for beginners because of its ease-of use and security measures. When you make transactions on the platform, both your trade costs will be charged with an upfront fee that dependably varies depending upon which cryptocurrency(ies) are being traded at Coinbase–although these days it’s not uncommon to see spreads closer or even surpassing 1%.


Bitcoin Prime is the go-to platform for traders who are looking to make a profit on their investments. With its unique auto mode feature, BitiQ can identify profitable markets and execute trades automatically in order to give you more time while letting them do all of the work.

Why It’s Liked

There’s a lot to love about this platform. You can invest in Dash, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies which will give you the diversity if things get rough against other platforms. Plus they have an incredible selection of coins so no matter what kind of trader you want to be – there’s something here for everyone!


New to trading? It’s easy! You just start by making a minimum deposit of $250. Plus, there are no limits on how much you can invest in sessions – just make sure that if it is your first time using the platform, they require this amount before gaining access or unlocking more great features like auto-trading that is AI enabled (coming soon). And don’t worry, the platform doesn’t charge a fee for deposits made by traders, which is always a bonus.


EToro is a cryptocurrency exchange that only operates in 43 US states, with the exception of residents or citizens from Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, Nevada, Tennessee, New York, and New Hampshire. What’s so special about this platform? It has something called “A Simple Interface.” You can trade over 20 different cryptocurrencies on here without any hassle whatsoever thanks to how easy everything feels when using the app.

Why it’s Liked

It offers fewer coins than other exchanges — just over 20— but experts recommend sticking with the two most-popular crypto assets, Bitcoin and Ethereum ,which are available on the Etoro portfolio . The unique feature of this platform is that you can practice investing up to $100k worth in cryptocurrencies & track its progress using eToros’ Virtual Portfolio tool.


On eToro, you pay a fee based on spread. This means that the difference in price between what your crypto is selling for and how much it costs to buy them from someone else will determine whether or not there’s another charge added – which is called ” Execution Fees.” These vary depending upon which currencies.


Launched in 2015, Gemini is another upcoming platform to get started on if you’re an active or newbie investor. They offer over 40 cryptocurrencies and a suite of products specifically designed for more seasoned traders that want access from day one with their investment dollars.

Why it’s Liked

There are many different ways to keep your crypto safe, but Gemini is one of the safest because they have offline wallets for each user. They also offer a suite of products that can help more advanced traders avail themselves and even beginners can get grounded with helpful tools. Also, people who know what’s up could find value in all their additional services.


Gemini charges a convenience fee when you buy or sell cryptocurrency. The total price of your transaction will be displayed before it’s finalized, and the rate for this can vary depending on what marketplaces are used to complete trade; however 0.5% is usually about standard across most exchanges.

What To Learn More About Crypto?

With cryptocurrency exchanges like the ones mentioned above, you have the option to trade one coin for another, like Bitcoin against Ethereum or dollar-priced coins such as U.S., Canadian Dollars ( cents ), British Pounds (£) Australian Dollars(¢). These platforms facilitate your purchase of crypto with various currencies thus providing an avenue through which users may convert their respective fiat holdings into digital assets. Websites like BitiQ will allow you to learn a little more about the crypto world and what it might have in store for you before making the dive.


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