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The Roman Empire is, of course, considered one of the oldest and most powerful civilizations. It gave the world a unique culture, it’s still great and fun. Of particular interest is the architecture of the Roman Empire, which was able to combine the best of ancient Greek and Etruscan heritage.

Ancient Roman architectural features

Architectural monuments of ancient Roman architecture are still conquered for their dignity and monument. This is not surprising. Because it was the ancient Romans who laid the foundation for a new era of architecture in the world and began the construction of impressive public buildings designed for many. These include theaters and amphitheaters, markets, libraries, baths, cathedrals and temples.

Ancient Roman architecture was formed in the 4th and 1st centuries BC. Ancient structures have miraculously survived to this day, despite numerous wars and natural disasters. Zeus vs Thor New Zealand A popular slot among many players.

In building their state, the Romans took advantage of the work of the Greek and Etruscan masters. If the ancient Greeks of architecture were subtle lovers of beauty, the Romans showed themselves to be practical and visionary architects. Borrowing useful ideas, they were able to create a unique architecture. It was able to embody all the power of the Great Empire with stones in its truly enormous range.

Achievements of ancient Roman architecture

In the ancient world, Roman architecture was unparalleled. Huge structures, various types of structures and configurations, and amazing engineering discoveries have allowed ancient Rome to be uplifted and its power and glory.

The most important achievements of that period of history are:

  • concrete. The new building materials consisted of water, lime and crushed stone. Originally used for road construction, its amazing strength and fire resistance made concrete a leading player in the construction of building structures.
  • Waterway. The arch bridge is one of the important achievements of Roman architects. The designs then served as a model for the construction of railroads and other transport bridges.
  • Arched structure. By connecting the arches, Roman architects were able to strengthen the ceiling structure and obtain a vault. I created a dome by arranging a series of arches in the shape of a closed circle. In the future, these innovations served as the basis for the development of many architectural trends.
  • Monolithic style. Its use has been made possible by its use in the construction of all types of arches, stanchions and curved floors. The amphitheater and bridge façade were reinforced with rows of arcades, a hallmark of ancient Roman architecture.

The completeness of the architectural complex, the rigorous conciseness of the form, the rigorous simplicity and completeness of the composition, the grand plan, the spatial range with the expressiveness of the image-these characterize one of the greatest architectural eras. This is an important feature. Roman architecture has had a great influence on the development of architecture in the world.

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The Architectural Impact of the Roman Empire-theStyleJungle

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