Success of CPAP masks may depend on family support, findings

Thursday, June 5, 2014 (HealthDay News)-People struggling Sleep apnea People who turn to CPAP According to a new study, masks seeking help may work better if they get help from their partners and family.

“have Healthy relationship You can create an environment that supports the use of patients with your family. CPAP, ”Face Luister, lead author of the study, assistant professor of research at the School of School Nurse Said at the American Academy at the University of Pittsburgh sleep Medical news release.

Millions of Americans snore And interrupted night Breathing of sleep Apnea.Continuous positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy helps maintain a person Airway Opens by providing airflow through a mask worn inside sleepMany patients find the mask uncomfortable, but it affects treatment compliance.

In a new study, Luyster’s team followed 253 patients with obstruction. Sleep apnea Those who have been prescribed CPAP therapy. We monitored these individuals for three months to determine if they used the mask device every night.

The team found that people who are married or live with a partner are more likely to use CPAP on a regular basis than single people. Patients with good family relationships had better CPAP compliance than patients with poor family relationships.

“This is the first study to investigate the role of family factors in CPAP compliance,” says Luyster.

Based on the results, she believes that interventions involving the patient’s family continuing to use the CPAP device “may help patients who benefit from family support during the initial treatment period.”

This study was recently published online in a journal sleep It was also scheduled for presentation at this week’s Annual Meeting of the Related Professional Sleep Society in Minneapolis.

–Robert Plate

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Source: American Academy of Sleep Medicine, News Release, May 30, 2014

Success of CPAP masks may depend on family support, findings

Source link Success of CPAP masks may depend on family support, findings

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