StorageCraft that integrates with Arcserve, a data and ransomware protection provider

StorageCraft has signed a final agreement to integrate with Arcserve, a data and ransomware protection provider.

The completion of the merger of the two companies will form a comprehensive global provider of data management and protection solutions for organizations ranging from SMBs to Fortune 50s.

“The merger addresses the growing market need for a single source for managing and protecting workloads in the data center, in the cloud, across SaaS applications, and at the edge,” the two companies said.

“With expanded geographic reach, the industry’s broadest product portfolio, flexible business models, and an expanded innovation footprint, merged companies offer MSPs, VARs, and distributors with broad market and revenue opportunities. I will. “

The combination of features creates a comprehensive suite of products that addresses most of the use cases and business continuity challenges. By 2025, global data storage is projected to exceed 200 zettabytes, and by 2021, cybercriminals are projected to attack new businesses every 11 seconds, so the organization is a single agile eco. You can choose one vendor for your system to manage and protect your data workloads in all environments. Recover data in the event of cyber threats, human error or natural disasters.

Organizations of all sizes rely on a single partner to currently and evolve with a solution-based portfolio that spans DRaaS, BaaS, SaaS protection, hybrid and converged data management, direct to cloud data protection, and workload migration. You can protect your data infrastructure. For cloud or other infrastructure.

Significant value for MSPs, VARs, and distributors

When organizations focused on two 100% channels come together, the merger creates new revenue opportunities that are meaningful to partners around the world.

The significantly expanded portfolio simplifies the sales process with solutions, services, and support from one vendor, while increasing the market share available to partners, increasing revenue, and providing margin opportunities. We provide diversification to help you create.

A flexible perpetual license and subscription business model further optimizes market and revenue opportunities, enabling frictionless commerce.

Accelerate investment in future infrastructure and next-generation data workloads

Arcserve and StorageCraft will continue to fully support and invest in existing solutions. In addition, the two companies will increase their R & D and composite IP investment to strengthen their product portfolio.

Channel partners and end users will likewise see rapid innovation for continuous data availability on all platforms and locations. This enables seamless evolution from today to next-generation infrastructure and data workloads, including hyper-converged, multi-cloud, containers, edge infrastructure, and next-generation cloud data centers.

After the merger, StorageCraft will be branded “StorageCraft, Arcserve Company,” and the merged company will be merged under the leadership of Arcserve’s current CEO Tom Signorello and StorageCraft’s current president Douglas Brockett.

Tom Signorello, CEO of Arcserve, said: “Companies in all sectors are looking to modernize their infrastructure amid unabated cyber threats and global change that have changed the way data is protected and managed.

“This merger puts us at the forefront of bridging large market gaps by supporting all workloads in all environments in one ecosystem,” he says.

“Organizations no longer need ad hoc solutions that only add to the complexity they are trying to solve. They are in a better position than any other vendor in case new workloads emerge and infrastructure evolves. Provides current and future certainty.

“Once the merger is complete, the scope and size of the integrated business will enable us to bring a dramatically broader portfolio of solutions to market,” said Douglas Brocket, President of StorageCraft.

“At the same time, it expands the resources we can serve our customers and ensures that we grow hand in hand with our channel partners.”

A portfolio of solutions that combine Arcserve and StorageCraft is available through channel partners and distributions.

StorageCraft that integrates with Arcserve, a data and ransomware protection provider

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