Staying in school for a longer life, research suggests

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020 (HealthDay News)-Life expectancy in the United States has not caught up with other wealthy countries, experts cite healthcare, Drug addiction And mental health Problem as a possible cause.

But perhaps the key to longevity can be found in the classroom, new research suggests.

A new study shows that teams at Yale University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham seek to clarify the impact of race and education on life expectancy and that education is the best way to predict who will live the longest. It was.

For the study, researchers compared data from about 5,100 black and white Americans in four US cities recruited for the study about 30 years ago. Of that group, 395 died.

“These deaths occur in people under the age of 60, often with children,” said study author Dr. Britaroy. She is an assistant professor of medicine and epidemiology at Yale University School of Medicine.

Studies reveal racial differences in rates cause of death.. About 9% of black study participants died at a young age, compared to 6% of white participants.Black men are also more likely to die from murder, white men AIDS, The survey results showed.

Heart disease And cancer Was the most common cause of death Overall, according to the report.

Early mortality rates by education level also varied. About 13% of those under high school died prematurely, compared to 5% of college graduates. Looking at race and education together, the early mortality rates for blacks and whites were about the same.

Overall, this study showed that life expectancy was reduced by 1.4 years with each decline in education level.

“These findings are strong,” Roy said in a Yale news release. “They suggest that improving access to education and fairness in quality is something concrete that helps reverse this annoying tendency in reducing life expectancy in middle-aged adults. I will. “

The findings were published online on February 20th. American Journal of Public Health..

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Source: Yale University, News Release, February 20, 2020

Staying in school for a longer life, research suggests

Source link Staying in school for a longer life, research suggests

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