Springboks counterattacked with a chorus of criticism

Springbok defended their playing style and form and said they were not plagued by criticism from former international players and coaches prior to tonight’s historic test against the All Blacks.

South Africa faced New Zealand for the 100th international rugby match on Saturday night after losing to Australia twice in a row in the Rugby Championship and defeating the British and Irish Lions 2-1 early in the season. increase.

These defeats and the nature of the victory over the Lions led to a chorus of criticism from around the world leveled on the side that was the darling of rugby fans after the victory of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Former All Blacks coach Laurie Mains It was one of the things that pointed out how far and fast the team fell from grace...

“This is different from the team that won the World Cup. Let’s be clear. We lost a lot of players who played or retired abroad. They are far from the team they played. Two years ago at the World Cup. And two years ago, they were playing far more open and vast rugby than the team is showing us this year, “Mains told Herald this week.

“For years on the donkeys, they have provided us with a great contest, but for me this team is pretty much at the bottom for South African rugby.”

On the other hand, the tactical nature of the current Springbox side is also being attacked by the British coast, where open and aggressive rugby was not traditionally valued.

Former England national team Austin-Healey says Saturday night’s All Blacks win will be a rugby win.

“There are two different approaches for All Blacks and Springbox. The New Zealand attack is good because it can put pressure on the defense. The South African defense is good and it puts that pressure on the team. You can do it, “Healy said. I wrote in the telegram column on Saturday..

“For the benefit of the game, I look at the attack-based sidewin and hope to win well.”

Former England coach Sir Clive Woodward This week, rugby claimed to die in five years If the sport continues to be played in the South African way of playing.

“I saw the South African team last weekend for fear of serious poverty and boredom over Australia,” Woodward wrote in a Daily Mail column. “Rugby wasn’t meant to be played that way, and it’s not. I’m glad Australia won.

“My series for Lions is a bit better and everyone involved in sports should be worried that rugby is on that route. If so, it will die in five years.”

Currently, Springboks assistant coach Mzwandile Stick responds on behalf of his team, stating that the team is focusing only on what they can control within the team and that the mud thrown will not solidify.

“We don’t really care what they think,” he said at a media conference on Friday. “It doesn’t really bother us. We focus on what we can do better, improve the way we play. So other about how we play the game. What people say doesn’t really bother us. People don’t focus on the negatives. That’s our main purpose and we focus on what we want to do as a team. That’s it. is.

“The most important thing is that you need to manage the system. You need to manage how you play the game. Playing against the All Blacks in such a big week is a big deal for the player. Coach Even as we are, it’s very important to put your emotions in the right place because this is the game you want to play in. You don’t need to be motivated when playing against the All Blacks. “

Stick also hinted that the team intends to return to a more defensive playing style after trying and failing the opposite match against Australia last weekend.

“This is a big game. We all know what’s coming. They play according to their strengths and we also play according to our strengths, so we need to change nothing. No. Maybe we played against Australia in the second game, but we’re away from our strengths, but that’s the main focus of the week and to improve the way we play the game.

“And on this occasion, it’s a big deal for me to play against the All Blacks. They’re excited and have tried their best to get better from where they were playing against Australia. If you go, plan tomorrow. “

Springboks counterattacked with a chorus of criticism

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