Soccer player Chris Eagles was banned from driving after being found drunk in the car

Chris Eagles was banned from driving (Photo: Cavendish)

Soccer player Chris Eagles was banned from driving and joined Alcoholics Anonymous after being found to have exceeded legal alcohol limits while in the driver’s seat of the car.

Police found the former Manchester United star 35-year-old got drunk in March with a £ 70,000 Audi. His car was parked outside the house of then-girlfriend Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalf near Altrincham.

A drinking test found that the two fathers were nearly three times the statutory alcohol restrictions in the field.

Appeared in the Manchester Magistrates’ Court earlier this week MailOnline He reported admitting the athlete was drunk and said he was attending the AA meeting.

Courts told police early in the morning that they were arrested when they found them sleeping in a car with their seatbelts on and the engine turned on on March 21. Contacted.

At the hearing, prosecutor Nick Smart said: ‘The defendant sat in the driver’s seat and bumped into the steering wheel. They smelled of addiction coming from inside the car.

Former soccer player was banned from driving (Photo: Cavendish)

“They woke up the defendant. He seemed to be asleep. He was blurring his words. Officers thought he would not be able to provide a specimen. So they made him I took him to the local police station.

The publication denied that he was first intoxicated by the car manager and said at a previous hearing that he tried to enter his girlfriend’s house but was useless, so he was in the car with the engine running. He reported that he slept in and charged his phone.

His lawyer, Jeremy Spencer, told the court: ‘He attended an anonymous alcohol conference in Altrincham.

“When I saw him in the car, the policeman said he wasn’t wearing shoes and his socks weren’t properly attached to his feet. He had three points in his license due to fixed penalty issues. increase.

“He is in a position to claim extraordinary difficulties at this stage. Mr. Eagles has two children, ages 5 and 3 from his previous relationship. He shares custody with his ex-partner. These two children are in different schools.

Eagles and Jennifer Metcalfe are considered “taking the time” (Photo: WireImage)

“If disqualified, he will not be able to take them to different schools.”

His lawyer added that a former soccer player is “concerned” about the impact of driving penalties on his family.

The Eagles were banned from driving for three months, fined £ 1,250 and ordered to pay £ 275 and an additional fee.

Judge Bernard Begley of the sentencing district told Eagles: It’s a high level of addiction and it’s very relevant to how I deal with this case.

“On the issue of disqualification, disqualification for this breach is at my discretion. I am based on your mitigation proposed by Mr. Spencer, by earning 10 points on your license. I was urged not to impose the issue of its course of action and progress.

“A proper approach that takes into account the nature of the event or situation is not my view.”

The Eagles split with their partner Daniel Mitchinson in October last year after an eight-year relationship. The previous couple shared their two children together.

After their division, he began to meet Hollyoaks actress Jennifer, and the pair was first seen together in January.

But it doesn’t last long, and they are considered to be “splitting time.”

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Soccer player Chris Eagles was banned from driving after being found drunk in the car

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