Sleep apnea treatment can help improve the appearance of the patient

Friday the 13th September (HealthDay News)-Treatment Sleep apnea May do more than your improvement sleepy And Health: According to a small new study, it may help you look better.

sleepy Apnea affects millions of American adults.Conditions that are often undiagnosed are marked by snore When Breathing Break in sleepy..Who has Sleep apnea High risk heart Problems and accidents during the day.

This study included 20 middle-aged people Sleep apnea Patients whose facial appearance was evaluated before and after starting treatment called continuous positive Airway pressure (CPAP),this is Airway Opens by providing airflow through a mask worn inside sleepy..

Improvements in the patient’s face were observed only a few months after the start of use CPAPAccording to a study published in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine..

These changes included being more careful, more youthful, more attractive, less forehead bulge, and less facial redness.

The findings need to be confirmed in larger studies, the researchers said. After starting to use CPAP, they decided to conduct a study because sleep center staff often noticed improvements in the patient’s face.

“The general folklore that people” look sleepy “because they are sleepy, and have puffy eyes with dark circles underneath, drives people to spend huge amounts of money on home remedies,” said a research leader. sleep Neurologist Dr. Ronald Charvin, Director of the University of Michigan Sleeping disorder The center said in a university news release.

Chervin, a professor of sleep medicine and neurology, said:

Interestingly, the patients in this study did not show significant changes in facial features that are usually associated with drowsiness.

“We were surprised that our approach did not show a tendency for dark blue circles or swelling under the eyes after treatment,” says Chervin.

–Robert Preidt

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Source: University of Michigan Health System, News Release, September 12, 2013

Sleep apnea treatment can help improve the appearance of the patient

Source link Sleep apnea treatment can help improve the appearance of the patient

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