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Sexual racism in New Zealand dating scene

Today, the most common experience of the church and the Christian community is in the parish. In many parishes and archdiocese, parishes are concentrated in idyllic areas2, and the number of masses in these idyllic areas is often rationalized. read more

Even when bombs dropped on American Catholics fall more and more devastatingly, the publication of “Investigation” by Jeffrey Barril of Monsignor (now the former Secretary-General of the American Catholic Episcopal Conference) exploded. ing read more

Hate speech
The government’s proposal for a new hate speech law is a bit confusing, and some of the discussion so far has started as an effort to combat racism, the hatred of naming terrorism and water. Seems to have clouded read more

Pamela * didn’t know where to go when she learned that her daughter was put in jail last November. Her daughter’s three children were left without parents to take care of them, and Farnau was suffering from an emotional load. read more

Sexual racism in New Zealand dating scene

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