Seth Rogen was labeled “privileged” for defending LA in a criminal tweet

Stars relaxed about car crime cases in the city (Photo: Rex / Twitter / Sethrogen)

Seth RogenLos Angeles’ defense after YouTube stars branded Los Angeles as “nice” following a car invasion caused a backlash as social media users branded the actor as “privileged.”

Content creator Casey Neistat visited Twitter to reveal his dissatisfaction with the car invasion in Los Angeles and wrote: @LAPDWestLA’s hard-working cop not only arrested his mother ** Car, but also recovered all of our stolen goods. [sic].. “

But actor Seth replied to Casey’s tweet, telling him that he was negative about their shared hometown.

“Hey, I’ve lived here for over 20 years,” he wrote. “You are nut haha. It’s nice here. Don’t leave anything valuable. It’s called living in a big city.

The Lion King star’s reaction then offended some fans who labeled him “privileged” and “non-contact.”

“Imagine being wealthy and privileged enough not to worry if your car breaks,” commented one and tweeted another. “It’s great to have this kind of privilege.”

YouTuber Casey shared that he was angry about being a victim of a crime (Photo: Twitter / Casey).
Seth defended LA in response to Casey’s comment (Photo: Twitter / Sethrogen)
The actor sparked a debate between the backlash and his reply (Photo: Getty)

“Oh yeah, millionaires don’t care, so our others don’t care. Check your bubble, Seth” was another response.

When Casey and Seth engaged a bit back and forth, a 39-year-old actor revealed that he broke his car “15 or so times” over the years, but he ” I have never actually felt a violation. “

The reason for this was that he “lived in West Hollywood for 20 years and parked on the street.” As long as the big city goes, it’s doing a lot for it.

Others praised the actor for his defense in LA and in one comment:’Well done. The guy can feel like he does — but that’s what makes me angry is the way he expresses it.

“Suppose you feel you’re violating. Don’t equate it with the city of 10 million people and the” Third World “(a very outdated term in itself). [sic].. “

A Canadian performer acknowledged the enthusiasm his tweet gave him and posted about his way of dealing with online criticism.

“Many people come to me and talk on Twitter hoping I get involved with them publicly and pay attention to them, but instead I DM them and let them go private. I say, “he wrote.

“It’s more fun.”

Seth reveals how he likes to respond to criticism (Photo: Twitter / Sethrogen)
The next big role of the actor is Pam & Tommy (Photo: Hulu)

Seth, an active writer and producer with his acting, will be on our screen again next year. The controversial but long-awaited Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy.

He plays Rand, one of the men who got the sex tapes of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. This tape was stolen from home and released in 1995.

Baywatch star Pamela (53) and Motley Crue drummer Tommy (58) divorced in 1998 and share two children, but are not involved in the project.

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Seth Rogen was labeled "privileged" for defending LA in a criminal tweet

Source link Seth Rogen was labeled "privileged" for defending LA in a criminal tweet

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