ServiceNow and Qualtrics work together to deliver the next generation of customer experience

ServiceNow and Qualtrics have entered into a strategic partnership to help companies deliver the next generation of experiences.

Through the partnership, ServiceNow’s digital workflow will be combined with Qualtrics experience management technology on a single platform.

According to both companies, this has two main benefits: increased employee productivity and increased customer loyalty.

This partnership will enable customers to incorporate Qualtrics emotional data into ServiceNow’s customer and IT workflows and use digital workflows to more effectively respond to customer insights.

Specifically, the following new collaborative solution allows users to bring Qualtrics experience data into ServiceNow Agent Workspaces to visualize performance, identify key drivers of service satisfaction, and easily address those insights. Both companies say that it will be.

IT experience management: Combining Qualtrics EmployeeXM for IT with ServiceNow IT Service Management allows enterprises to combine business-critical operational and service delivery data with employee feedback on the enterprise’s internal IT services on a single platform.

IT teams will be able to measure the effectiveness of in-house technology, optimize service management processes, and deliver a digital experience as enterprises permanently transition to remote or hybrid work models.

Experience-driven customer service: By integrating QualtricsCustomerXM and ServiceNowCustomer Service Management, service agents and managers can automatically trigger workflows based on feedback to uncover factors driving customer satisfaction, improve service costs, and improve content effectiveness. It provides the tools you need to enhance.

The new solution will be available to co-customers through step-by-step co-product and market launch strategies.

In addition, as part of the announcement, ServiceNow and Qualtrics will expand their use of each other’s solutions, unleashing the productivity of their entire business, they said.

Bill McDermott, CEO and President of ServiceNow, said: “Large empathy is a business differentiator in the 21st century. The digital world demands a seamless and integrated experience for all customers and employees.

“The partnership with Qualtrics helps our customers put their insights into action and redefine the experience economy.”

Zig Serafin, CEO of Qualtrics, said: “Businesses succeed or fail based on the experience they provide, and experience data is the most valuable data for any organization.

“The partnership with ServiceNow is a best of both worlds for our customers, who can use data and insights to drive real-time actions and provide a great experience for new ways of working.”

Customers now have access to Qualtrics and ServiceNow workflow integration. A new solution available from the second half of 2021.

ServiceNow and Qualtrics work together to deliver the next generation of customer experience

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