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Ruapehu Social Housing Pilots Providing Value for Future Generations

Dr. Megan Woods

Minister of Housing

Housing Minister Hon Dr Megan Woods today announced the development of six social housing units funded by the government’s Covid-enabled Infrastructure Fund to support efforts to resolve the social housing shortage in Ruapev.

“Crown’s $ 2.1 million investment in this project will add value to the community for future generations,” says Megan Woods.

The project consists of building six council-owned social homes in Ohakune. They include five one-bedroom units, each about 56 square meters in size, and one two-bedroom unit, each about 76 square meters in size.

This is considered a pilot project to help build the capacity of the Ruapev District Council for future housing projects.

The six public housing units not only increase the housing supply of Ohakune, but also provide higher quality housing that is warm, dry, economically operated and helps maintain the health of residents.

“Social housing like this helps Fanau get out of poverty and increase financial freedom, independence, stability and security. It is also struggling to accommodate more and more people themselves. It will help you to cope with the increasing cost of the housing you are looking at.

“The construction of these homes also provided the Ruapev District Council with the opportunity to partner with the government to build a more prosperous and resilient district for its land ownership. This will resolve this housing crisis. It’s a good example of how we all work together for this, “said Woods.

The project is scheduled to be completed in August 2022.

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Ruapehu Social Housing Pilots Providing Value for Future Generations

SourceRuapehu Social Housing Pilots Providing Value for Future Generations

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