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Salt Asset Management has completed the rollout of a suite of individual investors focused on sustainable investment.

Friday, September 24, 2021 2:00 pm

With approximately $ 2.3 billion in funding, Salt is primarily an institutional investor managing Westpac / BT and AMP Capital Management funding.

Over the past six months, we have rolled out a series of six retail funds, all with a sustainable focus, and the last two in the past week.

Greg Fleming, Head of Global Decentralized Funds, said the focus on sustainable funds comes from many areas. One of these is a survey conducted by managers on structural themes of investment. Among the themes are sustainability and climate change.

He states that sustainability also includes the financial system, with real assets providing stable income and playing an important role in preventing inflation.

One of the latest funds is the Salt Sustainable Global Property Fund, managed by Cohen & Steers.

Greg McMaster, head of client partnership, said landing Cohen & Steers as manager was a “real coup.” The company is a pioneer in REIT investment in the United States and currently invests US $ 86 billion in real assets.

McMaster states that Salt’s focus on sustainable funds is based on customer demand and lessons learned from listed carbon funds (“NZX: CO2).

“The Carbon Fund has given us real insight into how important climate change is to investors,” he says. Since its launch, Salt has continued to evolve and improve the ESG process.

Fleming says that if managers really want to adopt ESG, active management is the only way to achieve it.

“For sustainable investment, we need active management,” he says. And the manager must be agile.

Fleming, a multi-asset specialist, said a balanced portfolio could have been 60:40 growth and revenue in the past. There is a view that it should now be 60:20:20 with a 20% investment in other assets, including real assets.

Salt is lucky as a relatively new manager and can develop funds for the current environment rather than trying to modify existing funds. We also offer several uncorrelated funds, including carbon funds and their long / short funds.

“We are working towards the best results for our clients,” he says. “We are not managers too.”

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Rapid Funding-Good Return

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