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Playing CS:GO in Canada: Which Maps Are Worth It?

Canadians who work hard on improving their skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have to get to know about playing maps as much as possible. This will positively influence their tactics and the ability to predict the opponents’ manner of strategic thinking. In a game as competitive as CS:GO, even a piece of information is meaningful. For novice players, the wrong map choice may turn into a disaster.

From this perspective, the best gaming locations are perfect matches to start with. Onwards!


Without a doubt, it is one of the most famous maps in the industry. Being one of the oldest layouts doesn’t make it less appealing for end users. On the contrary, it makes more Canadian fans intrigued and be engaged in the process of its conquering. Its current version is different from the original one, and that is another success secret. Firstly released in 1999, it was then updated and modified in 2012 and later in 2019.

Unlike several other maps, this layout is a well-organized platform for novice gamers. It is smooth and simple to understand and learn. With numerous open spaces, it suits big battles adorably. At the same time, this location is a good combination of hidden small corridors, where traps can be easily prepared for the opponent teams. Overall, there are two floors to explore, and this offers great room for teams’ tactics testing.

The map you know well is more beneficial than a lucrative but new location. That is why people who use the services of CSGO Reddit bet pay a lot of attention to seeking exclusive deals from experienced customers. The map you choose will tell a lot about your skills and potential to improve and self-develop.

Train vs. Ancient

For those Canadian CS:GO athletes who are searching for balanced layouts, this map is a worthy solution. According to statistics, it was the third most-visited platform. Due to the territorial peculiarities, the layout increases the necessity for squads to cooperate as a unified organism. That is one of the best locations to improve your teamwork. It was removed from the actively accessible layouts, but it doesn’t mean fans will never see it again in the future.

Ancient is a decent alternative to the map described above. Though it is not really well-known in the community, its potential to become a mind-blowing power in the CS:GO arena is huge. Here are some of the features that make this map a nice choice for exploring:

  • Quality — although it is not tested by time, unlike Train, its quality is competitive. Ancient offers a good sense of the round and is a refreshing substitution to Train.
  • Long-range shooting — this location is beneficial especially thanks to its skyboxes and interesting areas where enthusiasts would love to apply grenades. Visual effects are the bomb.
  • Flexibility — since the map covers a pretty large area, it offers great positioning opportunities for CS:GO participants. With a myriad of corners and corridors, this incredible space isn’t as simple as it seems at first.

Dust 2

In the overall CS:GO history, this is probably one of the most popular maps. It offers equal development opportunities for gamers, and its balance is absolute. Unlike numerous other layouts, where there are stronger and weaker sides from the tactical point of view, Dust 2 is well-thought-out and allows leading a fair battle.

In turn, your team’s performance is promised to be flawless. The map is supported and played on various servers. It is also a famous solution for dozens of regional and national tournaments and championships. With three interconnected lanes, enthusiasts have to learn different features of the territory to play efficiently. Designed in the Middle-East style, this layout absolutely dives you into a corresponding atmosphere.

The map’s design makes this location a great practice option for both teams and solo leveling. No matter how many times you play here, satisfaction is guaranteed.


If you are seeking the best tools for learning strategies, Mirage is the best solution to opt for. Previously known as Strike, it is also designed in the Middle-Eastern style, like Dust 2. Practicing your skills on this map will contribute to your gaming experience and teamwork profile. The A and B sides offer unique playing locations and require battle participants to show off their quick thinking and adapt accordingly to the game plot changes.


The recommended map is a wonderful choice for athletes who like more urbanistic designs. Inferno seems cute and beautiful, and the fact it is a center of hard competition makes the controversy more appealing. It is a popular solution for major tournaments, and a lot of players have already received significant prizes for their success on Inferno. The Nuke map is another sample of well-designed locations with unique infrastructure and playing capacity.

The Final Verdict

Each and every map offered by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive presents unique gaming conditions. Even though some elements may seem alike, the atmosphere and geographical differences in layouts require esports athletes to learn territories attentively before and during rounds. The highlighted solutions will surely make your experience more prominent and provide the necessary tools to compete with more professional teams.

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