Parents: Revealing Your Past Smoking, Cannabis Use May Not Help Your Child

Friday, February 22 (HealthDay News)-The time has come heart To your child and mind about the dangers of smoking, Drinking or illegal Drug.. One of the Best Things to Don’t Grow: New research suggests that you’ll get your hands on such substances in your youth.

Studies have found that children are more likely to take a negative view smokingDrinking and drugs, if parents do not reveal that they have used these substances.

The researchers asked 253 Hispanic and 308 Caucasian children in grades 6-8 about their conversations with their parents. alcohol, With cigarettes Marijuana..

In a previous survey teens If parents told them about their past, they said they were unlikely to use the drug Drug use..However, this new study found children whose parents talked to them about the negative effects or regrets of alcohol, tobacco, or their use. Marijuana It was unlikely that they would oppose the use of these substances.

Researchers suggest that when parents share a history of past drug use, their findings may have unintended consequences for their children, even if it was intended as a warning. I said that.

Studies recently published online in the journal Human communication research, Identified specific ways parents can talk to their children and discourage the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

This includes telling children the harm caused by these substances, how to avoid them, and the stories of others who have problems with their use. Parents can also tell their children that they are against substance use and outline family rules for substance use.

“Parents may want to reconsider whether they should discuss with their children when they used the substance in the past,” said Jennifer Kam, a research co-author at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. news release.

“Of course, it’s important to remember that this study was one of the first to examine the association between parents’ references to past substance use and their subsequent perceptions and behaviors in adolescents. “She added.

–Robert Preidt

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Source: Human communication research, News Release, February 22, 2013

Parents: Revealing Your Past Smoking, Cannabis Use May Not Help Your Child

Source link Parents: Revealing Your Past Smoking, Cannabis Use May Not Help Your Child

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