Often neglected non-drug migraine treatment

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 (HealthDay News)-Many Migraine Patients skip recommended behavioral therapies such as Stress management And talk therapy, a new study was discovered.

Dr. Miaminen, research director at NYU Langone’s, said one of the reasons was lack of time, cost and skepticism. headache New York City Department.

In previous studies Cognitive behavioral therapy, stress Management, relaxation techniques, biofeedback may be reduced Migraine symptoms Minen and her team said more than 50 percent. (Biofeedback includes using a monitoring device to reduce muscle tension.)

These treatments are less expensive than medication and have long-term benefits. Migraine Reduction, researchers pointed out.

Migraine It is not surprising that many patients want access to treatments that reduce their symptoms in half, as they can be debilitating. But according to our research, this is far from the fact. “

Migraine headache Affects about 36 million Americans.Moderate to severe throbbing headache In many cases, nausea And / or vomiting, And Sensitivity to light And sound.

For research, Minen and her colleagues saw 53 Migraine Patients referred for behavioral therapy by a specially trained therapist. The patient was interviewed within 3 months of the first appointment.

Only 30 people (57 percent) booked behavior therapy. Patients who had previously met a psychologist were more likely to begin treatment.Age, gender, year of suffering Migraine According to the survey results, there was no difference in the overall use of healthcare services.

Of those who did not start treatment, half cited lack of time.Others say costs (some insurance plans do not cover such treatments), doubts about their effectiveness, satisfaction with current treatments, and Migraine, According to the report.

Further research is needed to find ways to convince more migraine patients to apply for behavioral therapy, the study authors said.

“As a provider, we need to develop new ways to present evidence-based behavioral therapies to patients in a similar way. [drug] A cure is presented. “

This study was published in the journal on June 5th. pain medicine..

–Robert Plate

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Source: NYU Langone Health / NYU School of Medicine, News Release, June 5, 2018

Often neglected non-drug migraine treatment

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