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Preview the production version of Audi’s “Land Jet” through the high-tech project Artemis, which was established with a focus on developing software and platforms for future EVs capable of autonomous driving.

This is the first machine to use the Volkswagen Group’s new SSP platform for EVs, leveraging the MEB elements of the mass market and the performance-focused PPE platform used by GT (and Porsche’s equivalent Taycan). It is fused.

Ingolstadt proposes the Grand Sphere as an elegant and luxurious autonomous tourer ideal for long-distance trips whose primary purpose is comfort. While the second row of many luxury cars offers a business class experience, Grand Sphere prefers to experience the front as well.

Audi has been given leadership in developing not only private cars, but all kinds of cars destined to represent under other brands that Bentley and Porsche are clearly favorite.

“There is an Audi version, and there will be other versions,” Seed claims.

“I personally don’t think it (Audi) will be a sedan. I think it will be a different body style. And it will be a new interpretation of luxury.”

In addition, the new VW of the VW Group will also be used. OS operating system software designed to provide Level 4 autonomy. In other words, it has the function of automatically driving in a specific specified environment. From what has been proposed so far, mainly highways.

Is such a car considered and ready in New Zealand? Shed is enthusiastic.

“We … I think our money depends on its design, which is a very progressive car. It’s electrified, digitized, autonomous … but the country is ready for it. I think that there.

Audi is working hard on electricity and NZ and is one of the fastest growing markets. The brand’s first plug-in car, the Hybrid A3, was launched in 2015, a year after the German plate left-hand drive example was tried here. It is the first full electric to arrive only in 2019. That is the e-tron SUV. It is mainly represented in the form of the most powerful 55-a budget of 50 is short-lived-first in the form of a regular wagon, and since last year as a sports bag. Hundreds have been sold. As of this week, GT and GTRS performance passenger cars are also clearly struggling.

The E-tron will begin to have a serious impact when it represents in the fourth quarter at best, perhaps by the end of 2022.

MEB is a foundation specifically designed for the Audi, Skoda, SEAT and VW mass market models, so the e-tron designated to be at the end of the premium sector budget will be in the fourth quarter only. I can think of it. Any Audi is as close as it can be a volume chaser. Seed is already confident that he will be his “best-selling car.”

There is also another model that has been seen so far as the same styling concept as the A6 / A7 medium sized car, but with the engineering flexibility presented in the next size down A4 / A5 bracket.

NZ is “ready” for Audi’s ultimate luxury model — Motoringnz

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