“Not too much concern” around the hamstring, but the elbows aren’t 100% yet


The New Zealand captain was uncomfortable while holding the bat and stretching his elbows, but is pleased with the overall progress.

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson his Hamstring is ok However, it may still take “a little time” for the elbows to return to 100%.Elbow dissatisfaction has been a long-standing complaint for Williamson, forcing him to miss the ODI series at home. Against Bangladesh, Start of the first leg of IPL2021 in India and Edgbaston test Against england..
After leading New Zealand to the glory of the World Test Championship, Williamson continued to manage his elbows. Withdraw from one hundred, He was supposed to come across Birmingham Phoenix.

“The hamstrings are minor and well-developed, so there aren’t many concerns and we still have plenty of time,” Williamson said from a base in Dubai, New Zealand. “So, yeah, hopefully in the next few days or so, I’m basically fully involved in the training. So that’s all good.

“Elbow-it was a little slow burner. Yeah, it was pretty frustrating for a long time, but it certainly improved a bit in the last two months I had after the world Test Championship. In rehab, It definitely looks like it’s moving forward. It’s refreshing, but it will still take some time to get back to 100. [%], But it’s definitely good. “

Williamson explained that he was feeling some discomfort while holding the bat and stretching his elbows, but was pleased with his overall rehab in the months following the WTC final against India.

“Basically, you just grab it and then stretch it,” Williamson said. “So you obviously do a lot [while] It has certainly been frustrating with the blow and when it was the worst. However, the harder you hold it and the more you stretch it, the more destructive it looks. As I said, there have been many improvements over the last three months and that’s a good thing. That’s really the focus, and I’m at a stage where I’m almost done with some comfort, and it’s great to be able to focus a little more on the cricket side of things than on constant negotiations with physics. .. “”

Williamson’s awkward elbows and other players’ physical strength will be tested as New Zealand plays the final four group stage games in seven days at three venues in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Three of these matches start in the afternoon (2 pm local time).

“Recovery will be a big part of that,” Williamson said. “The temperature has improved a bit and it’s been nicely faster here. This allows the guys to get used to it a bit. [to the conditions] And this kind of temperature makes you a little more comfortable. Post-match holidays are very important so that the guys can come back and be as fresh as possible for the next match, especially if it’s so crowded. “

Williamson, like Sunrisers Hyderabad, is already tasting a slow, low UAE pitch. Second highest Langetter In the second half of the tournament, behind Jason Roy, he averaged 27.60 in 6 innings and 138 runs with a strike rate of 102.98. Williamson was wary of the situation, believing that the situation could change in the upcoming World Cup.

“It’s actually a big change,” Williamson said. “It’s a lot compared to when we held the entire tournament here last summer. [the UAE] I’ve played here again for the past few years. What you need to know; be sure to get ready, try to adjust them as soon as possible, what are the realistic expectations, and competitiveness as it is sometimes not deployed in its traditional T20 style. Something that makes what a total of is comfortable.

“But there were other days. When I went to Abu Dhabi by IPL, the ticket gates were very similar, but there was probably an 80 run difference in what was per-total. It’s really adjusted. We are in front of us as soon as possible and we trust that decision. “

After the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand will tour India to begin the World Test Championship and the defense of the three T20Is. Williamson urged New Zealand to focus on his immediate work and their collective progress.

“There are a lot of challenges in front of us,” he said. “Tournaments, the World Cup, especially the T20 World Cup, are always tough. Every team has a winner and everyone can really beat anyone. For us, we continue to grow. We want to improve as a side. There are few promises in this game, but we hope that we will continue to be better as a side and support us well. That is our focus. And it will be important to us in this tournament.

“And the focus has changed, it’s India [we will] Try to be a little clearer about what you might expect from some of these conditions. This can also change considerably. Please clarify how you want to operate it.As a side, it’s always a challenge [when] There are various world events, but in the end, we want to evolve as a team and keep moving forward. So I’m trying to pour energy into it. “

Deivarayan Muthu is the Deputy Editor of ESPNcricinfo.

“Not too much concern” around the hamstring, but the elbows aren’t 100% yet

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