Not sure what to do when you are bored?Create a chiller cousin for downtime lists and to-do lists

Lack of leisure, I often sit annoyed. This feeling That there is a better way I can use it. Whenever I’m busy, I can only think of things on my to-do list, work, hobbies with time, and books I want to read, but as soon as I have a little time? It’s like I have amnesia. What do you want to do again? I don’t know at all! So I spend downtime repeating the same few things: watching a show I’ve already watched, messing up the phone, and … well, doing what I really don’t want to do Waste a lot of time.

I’m definitely not alone in this. As humans, we run out of mental energy all day by making decisions about what to eat for breakfast, how to work on work projects, what to do during breaks, and so on. And many research points for this decision-making power, which is a limited resource. So when we run out of it, by default we don’t have to think about tons. Everyone, decision fatigue is real! That’s where routines come in handy. Routines help automate actions, allowing you to do what you want instead of defaulting to decisions that come to mind at the moment.

But I will never be the one who adds routines to my free time. I have already tried. It does not work. For one thing, sometimes free time pops up unexpectedly.In another case, I favorite Choose things based on your mood during downtime. Otherwise, downtime doesn’t feel like downtime.But if you don’t make the options readily available, you’ll forget the actual method. I want To spend my time.

Please enter the downtime list. This is basically a list of what it sounds like, that is, what you can do during downtime. I think it’s a low pressure cousin on the to-do list.

It’s nothing special, it’s a set of activities and tasks that I enjoy or need to start over at some point. It’s a mix of relaxation and productivity, from episodes of podcasts I intended to enjoy to knocking out non-urgent projects around the apartment. This includes administrative tasks, recipes you want to try, friends you intended to catch up with, things you need to shop for, skills you want to learn, and more. Basically, anything I’ve ever thought of. To do it in the end! It’s on my downtime list.

Then the next time I have a free moment to wonder what I should do, the boiler. You don’t have to spend extra mental energy trying to think of options.

Not only does the downtime list help me choose what to do, but the act of maintaining it also reduces my anxiety. Otherwise, the task will be on me, choking my brain and stressing me. But if something pops up (“Oh, my fridge looks a little full. At some point I need to check for expired seasonings”), make a note of it and don’t forget. Reach it.

You can organize (or unorganize) it the way you want. The list is quite long, so save the list in a spreadsheet for the selected task manager Notion and tag the entries with keywords and priorities. That way, you can see at a glance quick tasks when you have time, and high-energy activities when you’re restless. But what if you just want to keep a running list in your notebook? It’s cool again.

In that regard, do what you can to help maintain your downtime list quickly and easily.It’s like a downtime list, the last thing you want to do is create More Work for yourself. It is supposed to help you, not make your life difficult.


Not sure what to do when you are bored?Create a chiller cousin for downtime lists and to-do lists

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