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With the SG2 line (above) already presented in 10 formats – four hybrid, four plug-in hybrid and two all-electric – Kia NZ will have a dozen Niro models here.

While the drivetrains are the same, the SG2 models employ refinements that may or may not be present on the Niro Plus.

Kia NZ has been sparing in that detail, except that the EV has a WLTP range of 423 kilometers and will charge from low to full in 47 minutes. That information suggests it’s the 64 kWh battery powertrain, rather than a 39 kWh unit also supplied to Niro Plus in its home market. The latter has a range of 288 km.

The DE and SG2 petrol electrics have a 1.6-litre motor and battery support. The SG2 variants span four trim lines – apart from Light, it presents itself in Earth, Water and GT-Line – with prices for the mild models from $39,990 to $57,990, while the plug-ins run from $49,990 to $67,990. The all-electric SG2 editions come configured in light and water versions, for $67,990 and $73,990 respectively.

With SG2, the hybrid has a revised 77 kW/144 Nm 1.6-litre non-turbo four-cylinder petrol engine, mated to a 32 kW electric motor and six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission for 104 kW/265 Nm combined, and claimed fuel economy of 4.0 liters per 100 kilometers.

The all-electric model uses a 150 kW/255 Nm front-mounted motor and 64.8 kWh battery pack for a claimed range of 460 km.

All Niros are eligible for the various Clean Car discounts, which are $3418 for the hybrid, $5750 for the PHEV and $8625 for the all-electric.

When Kia announced the Plus in Seoul earlier this year, it said the car was a first step “into the world of (purpose-built vehicles), a market with great potential for future development.”

Kia NZ says it is seizing the Clean Car initiative and is introducing what it says is a discounted new model range to boost the introduction of new low-emission vehicles.

It says the Niro Plus range means 27 new Kia models are eligible for discounts as part of the Clean Car program.

Niro Plus joins Kia Choices — Motoringnz

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